The Flash Recap: King Shark

Season 2 / Episode 15 / The CW

Major Episode Alert

And you say Central City!

The fallout from Earth-2 was worse than anyone thought. The death of E2 Joe ‘Crooning’ West, leaving Zoom to his destructive devices and the lingering possibility of Caitlin evolving into an evil Elsa ice queen. On top of all that, the emotional fallout of Caitlin and the gang losing yet another loved one. All of these components come together to make for a serious roller coaster of an episode.

This episode right here? This pre-break episode right here gives fans something to really talk about for the next month, when The Flash returns for a very interesting episode that we’ll get to in Flash Facts. Barry, Cisco and Earth-2 Harry have all decided that they will never speak of what happened on E-2. It will do nobody in this universe any good to know, so they keep it to themselves. Barry out here in dem streetz… literally in them streets, running. Just running. Only thing is, he doesn’t know if he’s running toward anything at all or running from his problems altogether.

King Shark’s Reintroduction

Our first bit of action in this episode may have confused you, because I know it baffled the hell out of my girlfriend. We witness John Diggle and Lyla Michaels walking through the halls of A.R.G.U.S. Amanda Waller is officially out and Mrs. Diggle is now running the show. Jump to a large tank of water surrounded by a bunch of fools with guns preparing to feed whatever is being held captive underwater ala aquatic Jurassic Park. The underwater captive is obviously King Shark, who was captured by A.R.G.U.S. after the big fish had his run in with The Flash and Patty-every-episode-and-storyline-has-improved-since-your-departure Spivot.

Anyway, the A.R.G.U.S. soldiers think gills is dead and powers down the laser containment system. Yeah, I was only slightly less disappointed in that idiotic decision than I was with the Treyvon verdict. What could possibly result from you actually letting down your guard when facing off against a gargantuan man-shark with impenetrable skin? Death. That’s what. Mr. and Mrs. Diggle walk into a scene straight outta Jaws, with King Shark feasting on the body of one of dem fool guards. King Shark jets out of there when Dig and Lyla show up.

Pause: Do you ninjas see the size of this MOFO?! SON. This dude is dinosaur extinction asteroid massive. Pretty good CGI, too. Keep it up.

S.T.A.R. Labs: Dig and his wife show up to warn Team Flash of the danger they are in with King Kong’s cousin on the loose. Barry like, “Da fuq should I be worried for? Sharkeisha prolly tryna get as far away as possible.”

Lyla: Might be true if he wasn’t repeating the same thing the whole time he was locked up.
Barry: I’m the fastest dude in the world (but not on E-2) can we speed this up?
Lyla: Zoom wants The Flash dead. On repeat.
Barry: I haven’t had sushi in quite some time.

They suggest the squad let A.R.G.U.S. handle things but Barry ain’t about that life. E-2 Harry gives them the King Shark origin story, who’s real name was Shay Lambden, then goes to work on tracking him down. They see his most recent sightings have been near bodies of water then Caitlin gets her science freak on and figures out that King Shark must need to hit the H20 every now and then to re-oxygenate his blood. They discuss utilizing Tanya Lambden, Dr. Lambden’s doppleganger wife, for help. And wouldn’t you know it, she studies sharks! Barry says “SQUADDDDD UPPPPPP” as they head out to scan the most probable areas near water. Barry takes the waterfront and A.R.G.U.S. handles the rest of C-City. Barry out hear patrolling the waterfronts like a really, really, really ridiculously fast Coast Guard. Him and A.R.G.U.S. find jack. Then they get a hit and spot King Shark… and two men get eaten in half, immediately.

The Caitlin Snow x Killer Frost Paradox

Caitlin and Cisco head to Nautilus Laboratories to ask Tanya Lambden some questions. Tanya is pissed because her husband lost his life because of their Lab. Caitlin was the opposite of subtle when asking for her research on sharks. Cisco saves the day with his weirdo charm. These two out here being über weird to each other and in general. Caitlin has been closed off and..wait for it…cold. Cisco is all bent out of shape because of the way that she’s acting and fearing the absolute worse; that she’s going to pokevolve into Killer Frost before his eyes. But he can’t tell her that so he just reminds her that she’s been anything but the bright and lovely Caitlin that everyone has grown to know and love. Theeeennnnn Cisco spills the beans.

He claimed to be the one who could keep all the secrets. But instead, he crumbled. As soooooon as I heard that shit go down, I swear I heard the CW super soft violin music coming from 525,600 miiiiiiillllleeeeessss away. Caitlin hit him with that, “I lost ANOTHER one just as I was beginning to love again” line. Cisco shut that ass up reallll quick.

The Wally x Barry Son Dilemma

Barry up in the crib brooding over his decision to close the breaches and the ramifications his visit caused. The biological Wests are over here having a damn good game night.

It’s Barry’s turn and he passes. Wally seems to catch slight feelings and claims victory then bounces to go kick it with the homies. Joe and Iris think Barry should find some time to get to know Wally. They also realize that Barry hasn’t told either of them a thing about what went down on Earth-2. The foreshadowing is laughable.

Few hours later, Joe invites Barry over to help Wally with his engineering project. Although he has a mountain of a man-shark running around, he tells Joe that he’ll squeeze in some time to peep lil’ homies science skills. He’s proposing bio-diesel fueled turbine cars. Barry kinda rips his project apart, on a few petty levels. Wally catches a few more feelings and Barry backtracks to try and help the kid get in the CCU engineering program. Barry begins to help Wally out a little tooooo much and he renigs on his request for help. Wally starts acting all teenage pouty and jealous then storms off ONLY TO BE BLASTED BACKWARDS AS A MONSTROSITY OF A WALKING TALKING SHARK RIPS OPEN THE HOUSE ROOF AND STARTS DEMANDING TO KNOW WHERE THE FLASH IS.

Joe West does what he do! Pops off a few caps in that fish skin. No avail. Barry flashes into his suit and gets to business. Too bad the only business being given out, was a swift shark super punch and a few broken bones. In what I believe is Wally’s best moment on the show,  Wally asks what the hell is wrong with everyone when a shark can bust through the wall like the Kool-Aid man and everyone act like things are all good 2 mins later.

Wally then hits Barry with one more ounce of business and bolts out of there. Barry caves and reveals what happened when he assumed Lame Barry’s Larry’s identity and got sucked into the emotional struggle of losing E-2 Joe and “Left an entire world at Zoom’s mercy.”

Some Mariana’s trench DEEP ass shit right here people! I hope you’re paying attention! I hope you haven’t deleted this episode off your DVR and go back and watch this bad boy again, because it’s THAT GOOD!

S.T.A.R. Labs:
WELLS OUT HERE WRITING ON CLEAR BOARDS AGAIN Y’ALL! He’s such a mad scientist with his consistently jacked up ass hairline. He’s trying to create an algorithm to find King Shark, but no luck. He lets Jesse help him after pushing against the idea for a minute. He reports his failure back to Team Flash and Caitlin slides in straddling a giant ice sculpture middle finger and tells Wells to kick rocks because she has figured out a way to create the same electromagnetic field that Barry emits when he’s hopped up on that Speed Force. They’re going to use that as bait for the razor toothed underwater warship destroyer.

The teams squad up near the docks and await the arrival of a evil multi-ton creation. They double check if the holding truck will work and Harry comes in with his usual no-nonsense approach and states that “It’s promethium metal, it can’t be destroyed.”

They wait…
Wells and baby Wells G-check Cisco’s measurements, coordinations, and damn near every move.

Cisco prepares his backhand…

Thy pimp hand is quivering….
They wait…

Then the mecca of superhero television shows does what it does best, put on an amazing show!

King Shark leaps up and snatches that Flash lure then lurks underwater for dramatic effect. We then see the ill breach as King Shark goes airborne and lands on the dock in front of A.R.G.U.S and Flash. Bullets do nothing and Flash hatches a grand old plan. He takes off running on water and what we witness is pure Flash dopeness.

Flash races King Shark out a few leagues and begins to run in a big circle, churning up the Meta in a whirlpool. Flash begins to electrify that water so he couldn’t escape. You knooowwwww Flash is running at outrageously fast speeds when they gotta break out the super CGI Flash. He out here charging up that lighting cannon and unleashes it on King Shark as his fishy body gets deep fried.

Dig has a really impressive scene as they wrap things up at the waterfront metahuman crime scene. He really seems to get through to Barry on some, “Grab ahold of your guilt before it tears you up inside. Use this as motivation to never let it happen again.” Real talk right here!

The Eulogy:

Caitlin plays the ill sick joke on Cisco as she pretends to turn into Killer Frost. She brings him upstairs to an awaiting Barry. Barry gets his public speech game up as he apologizes to everyone for making the selfish decision to go back in time to save him mom. He isn’t finished with his intention to avenge Jay. He unveils the Triple OG Golden Age Flash helmet on full display in the middle of S.T.A.R. Labs.

He isn’t finished though. He isn’t finished with Earth-2, and he intends to run into Zoom again..wknd put an end to his reign of terror.

Then the late episode shocker…

Ascension Cliffs: We finally get the scene we’ve been waiting for! In walks Zoom with Jay Garrick? in his arms. He drops him like a sack of potatoes and rips off his mask to reveal ANOTHER 1. Another Jay Garrick to be exact.

Flash Facts

Shout out to the reader who suggested we name Earth-2 Barry AKA Lame Barry, LARRY.

Diggle was amazing in this guest appearance. I’m sure everyone familiar with his ongoing disbelief of just how fast Barry is loved the moment when Lyla told Dig to get over it and he responded with:

I hate next episode trailers. Despise ’em. But I caught a glimpse of what goes down in the episode after the month long hiatus and all I gotta say is, a FEMALE SPEEDSTER?! I like the sounds of this.

Proper episode they sent us off with. Until we see The Flash return on March 22.

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