And you say hidden time room in STAR LABS that has finally been found. Cisco, Caitlin, and Barry are all up in Wells hidden room and staring at the newspaper from the future where The Flash disappears. I’m over here hoping there something about racism being a thing of the past on page 5 but I digress. The group then encounters Gideon and it becomes a race through 20 questions as Cisco’s tracker on Well’s wheelchair shows he is now in the building. Barry starts asking for all the spoilers and answers he can think of just to find out one day he becomes chief of police, Iris marries him, and he turns out to be Gideon’s creator.

There a shit load of other spoilers as well that Barry and crew didn’t have time to notice before Barry asks Gideon to keep this whole encounter secret on some squaresies shit cause tampering with Gideon’s operating system wasn’t even an option. That shit looked like windows 96k or maybe it evolved into windows- door or windows house or some shit so tech advanced that it would give felicity the vapors.

Note The Names Folks

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Meanwhile Eddie wants to ask Joe something highly important.

Yoooooooooooooooo, Joe ain’t even having that shit. Eddie got the “but wait…what i do tho” befuddled look on his face too? PRICELESS. Back with the team up the crew comes together trying to configure what everything they say means. Barry introduces the fact that he has time traveled already which partially explains why Cisco is remembering his alternate time fate as a dream. They decide to explore that “dream” more in order to get clues that will have Wells confess. Which leads Caitlin to being her brilliant self and creating this apparatus here

They will use the machine in order to go into Cisco’s “dream” and explore. Wells comes in and unknowingly helps them out with the best advice to do such… of course he doesn’t know the true reason the machine is being put to use.

We see Cisco go into his dreams and get Well to confess everything as the others are able to watch it in real time. Man, Cisco better than me, I suppress so much shit they woulda needed Darkseid himself to get me to open up that part of my memory where I actually remember myself dying? Fuck. Out. Of. Here.

At the precinct we see Iris run into Barry wanting to talk, then so does Eddie. Eddie shows Barry the ring and then Barry goes full on Jeff Goldblum with the stuttering and yammering. He promises to talk to Joe to see why he hating on this. Cisco sets up the device they use to trap the Honey Mustard Flash as a force field to keep Wells out. He’ll then re enact everything in order to get Wells to confess. Barry then asks Joe why he told Eddie “Fuck your wedding plans” and joe hit shim with the real.

Joe: Look here young blood. Iris don’t want that boy. She wants you but if she says yes? Her ass gonna stay and be MISERABLE all because she made a promise. Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaan I ain’t about to have to deal with all of that shit. Talkin bout he want my blessing. He a good partner but as far as his wedding? He can bless these
Barry: Nuts. You were gonna say nuts right? I saw a meme of the same thing. that shit hilarious.

Iris calls Barry over to discuss something which turns out to her having unraveled everything that’s happened with these meta-human appearances and that it all started with the particle accelerator. Barry gotta be thinking to himself. “Fuck man, this woman will now freaking quit.” Turns out her reporter game is pretty on par. He says he will go over the info then hurries back to Star Labs.

Caitlin sets up Wells for the bait as she tells him Cisco is down stairs checking out the trap that failed them. Wells talking bout scooting down there to help, his ass know he caught. We see the scene play out as it did in the alternate universe (except Barry and Joe are watching while hidden in the room) and before Wells can give the final blow Cisco throws up the force field but he ain’t said nothing that the police can use as an actual confession. Wells is somehow able to step through Cisco’s force field is about to give him the vibrating hand of death when Joe jumps out the back and sends them shots. Barry catches two (cause he still wants Wells alive to confess) but that last one nails Wells in the chest. Joe is just nasty on the FPS man. What that man shooting accuracy like on Payday and Call of Duty?

However, it turns out that the Wells that was shot was actually Everyman. Wells is on the intercom talking that shit, “OoOOOoooOOOooOOOOOooh yall thought ya had me didn’t ya? But ya let the wheelchair fool ya cause I am one step ahead as always. Daaaaaaamn I’m so nice with it. Oh and Barry I ain’t confessing shit so fuck ya dad. It has been real nice working with you tho…but fuck all a yall too cause my plan? it’s still going down. *static* Oh I guess yall couldn’t tell but I dropped the mic.. yall are still there right? If you are, just note that the noise prior was a mic drop

Wells then goes after Iris who is with Eddie or so we think. The homie nabs Eddie and is about to give Iris his WWF finisher.

Flash shows up for the save to prevent that and as he goes after Wells we see Iris get a familiar spark off of Barry’s body that she felt once before when he was laid out in Star Labs up in his coma dreaming bout dismantling white privilege and revolutionizing forensic science (in that order). She then puts it all together.

Wells then tells Eddie that they are related, he is his descendant and that Eddie is going to serve as Wells’ insurance. Man, Wells been the villain we needed ever since Deathstroke got shipped up north. The evil plan is coming together and Wells ain’t worried about a damn thing except taking his bow and getting his due ten fold in vengeance.


  • Omar Holmon is a content editor that is here to make .gifs, obscure references, and find the correlation between everything Black and Nerdy.

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