I’m still over here, loving all the amazing cosplayers I am coming across. I came across Lady Jakeru Frost, and I must say, WOW, she’s pretty freaking awesome. Lady Jakeru Frost has a pretty versatile Facebook page so I HIGHLY recommend checking it out. I also had the awesome opportunity to interview her via email, so please enjoy!

Lady Jakeru Frost: I go by a couple of names, however cosplay name is Jakeru Frost. I am a native of St.Thomas, USVI born and raised then moved to Atlanta, GA where I currently reside. I am an artist/designer and entrepreneur. I love food, comics, gaming, traveling, and art. I started cosplaying as a way to come out of my comfort zone and embrace another aspect of myself that I have always been withholding from the world. I feel like cosplay is not only to embrace your inner artist/actress, but truly a way to bring your favorite characters to life.

I have been a nerd/gamer for most of my life, and have always admired the confidence that I saw in other cosplayers when I attended cons. The art of cosplay means showing your many personalities with confidence and strength no matter who may feel otherwise towards you or said character that you are personifying.

Age: 25 (Add 1,000 years to that, I am ancient)

Favorite Quote: “We inhabit the inner sanctums, only accessible through magical extra-dimensional doors” – Garnet of Steven Universe.

I love how Garnet explains who they are as crystal gems to the Pizzas, but more importantly how I took that comment. I have always believed in some form, we are our own guardians of our universe who have the power to shape and create our realities how we see fit. The Inner Sanctums (our inner core/soul/being) only accessible through magical (spiritual) extra-dimensional doors (our chakras leading up to our 3rd eye and higher self) that allows us to see and create our universe according to our own specific purposes and who we are as beings in this dimension. So much cosmic hippie speak.

The Inner Sanctums (our inner core/soul/being) only accessible through magical (spiritual) extra-dimensional doors (our chakras leading up to our 3rd eye and higher self) that allows us to see and create our universe according to our own specific purposes and who we are as beings in this dimension. So much cosmic hippie speak.

Favorite Pokemon(s): Lucario & Haunter

I love my Lucario because he evolves from the love of friendship and happiness and he also resembles a wolf, which I love. He also kicks ass for me when needed. I also have an affinity for ghost Pokemon, due to my weird attraction to mysteries and the dark unknown in life. Haunter was one of my first ghost Pokemon that I trained. His mischievous ghostly ways are funny to me and I love the music of Lavender Town even with all their  creepy pastas.

DPH_7763-Edit (1)

BNP: If the cosplay community was a mythological beast, what would it be and why?

Lady Jakeru Frost: Phoenix. I believe the cosplay community can be best represented by the Phoenix bird for its legendary attributes of death and rebirth. When you see someone cosplaying a certain character in their version and seeing another cosplayer do the same character, that in itself is an example of a character can be rebirth over and over in variations no matter the time/age. There have been many rumors of cosplaying not being around for much longer due to a multitude of reasons, however as long as their is a specific fandom for whatever comic book, game, anime, movie series, there will always be cosplay, because people love to bring what they love most to life, like the Phoenix. As long as those fandoms exist, the characters will still exist, and so will the cosplaying.

BNP:  How do You Make Your Cosplays?

Lady Jakeru Frost: I commission my cosplays from various designers that I have credited. Until I learn and level up on the art of sewing and prop making and have all the proper tools/space necessary to bring my creations to life, I have no choice but to make those designers/prop makers money. Hey, we are all in this together! Sometimes I do my best with a few props, make-up, styling wigs, and etc.

DPH_7809-Edit-Edit (1)

BNP: Who is your favorite fictional character and why?

Lady Jakeru Frost: I have a couple but for the sake of time, Garnet (of Steven Universe) can best describe the fictional character I can relate to the most right now. Like Garnet, I can literally be two people at once, seriously my rising sign is a Gemini (that’s how I knew she was a gem fusion). One ultra-serious and cautious and the other one compassionate, free and fun-loving. I am one of those extroverted introverts, who don’t really like a lot of attention being brought upon us, but will mingle and socialize if we absolutely have to, I know it’s weird, but there are people like us in the world.

I am hyper-sensitive and serious when it comes to certain things in life and the people I care about, even if at certain times I can be distant and aloof. Whenever I watch Garnet I see courage, strength, confidence, persistence, mindfulness, compassion and love. I also see a being who is in perfect harmony with her two opposites, Ruby and Sapphire. That is what I am striving for, Balance. Balance is the key to life, without balance there is chaos, and one cannot tap into their true unlimited power if they are out of synch with who they are.

BNP: What are your favorite Cosplays?

Lady Jakeru Frost: My Elena (Street Fighter) cosplay will always be my number one favorite, because it was my first cosplay debut at AWA 13,’ and I did it with my tag team partner who was Dudley. We received great positive feedbacks and it was fun showing off a couple capoeira moves. Elena & I go hand in hand, we both love nature, animals, travel, culture and making new friends. I also love my semi-closet Super Girl cosplay as well, because it was never initially meant to be a cosplay, but somehow I found myself shooting on tall skyscrapers in the city of Atlanta and getting hyper reviews and comments for it. I really just wanted to put all of my Superman gear together and look cool for fun.

1779930_763268487068049_6896442756107007315_n (1)

BNP: Lastly, what are your future goals? 

Lady Jakeru Frost: Go on epic adventures by traveling all over the world to learn of ancient civilizations and aliens. Seriously though, my ultimate goal in life is to be happy being me, as I show others that they too can be happy with who they are by creating their own realities and not conforming to other people’s opinions or views of how they should live their lives.

Be sure to check out her Facebook Page:

Photo Credit:

Elena by Kimihako Blade

Supergirl pics  by Cory Nellon

Alt School Girl Elena Fit by WageWar Productions


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