The Leftovers Recap: The Book Of Kevin

Season: 3 / Episode: 1 / HBO

**Light spoilers worship the return of Gary Busie**

Turns out Easter Sunday gave us way more than Easter Egg Hunts and a chocolate bunny overdose. The Leftovers did not miss the opportunity to use Resurrection Sunday as the perfect launch pad for Season 3. Kevin Garvey and the amazing characters surrounding him are all back to give us the series ending only Damon Lindelof (Lost) could craft. Season 2 was a heavenly blessing in HBO programming skin. Such rich characters. Such well developed storylines. So much black greatness. So much to talk about. So much to question. Such a cult classic in the making. I mean, is this whole story based on millions of humans vanishing from the Earth? Hell yeah it is. It’s also one of the most believable and captivating shows you’ll come across.

Alright, enough hype, lets jump into the key moments from this season 3 premiere and uncover the whereabouts of all our mischievous, colorful characters.

Opening Scene Greatness

Remember last season’s opening scene? Mad Neanderthal cavewoman wildness pregnancy and earthquake? Yeah, you remember that shit. It was weird, but powerful. Similar approach this season, but they take it in a completely different direction. It’s deep. It’s emotional. But it’s also crippling at points. That woman remaining as devout as she was, despite the constant let downs was so real. Remember Lindelof’s comments after last season’s premiere, “The first 10 minutes of this season are really purposefully designed for the viewer to be asking the same question that the characters on the show are: What does this mean? Why is this here? What am I supposed to derive from this?” So go crazy dissecting this year’s opening scene because its another great one. Oh yea, shout out to director Mimi Leder, who put her foot in this episode! I knew I was about to witness cinematic prowess when they perfectly faded the ending of that opening straight into the highly anticipated reveal of Evie’s Guilty Remnant. It’s a monumental scene. The GR being Hiroshima drone nuked?!? Wildly unexpected bomb (no pun intended) that is having big ramifications already. In the first 10 mins alone, there’s so much to chew on for season 3.

Then The Leftovers signature soulful piano music hits and you’re brought back into this wild world that Damon Lindelof and company have created.


We pick up three years after the events of season 2. Jarden, Texas has become an overcrowded, deep south, Christian Times Square. Kevin’s hands start off completely full, cuz Kevin always gettin into some shit. After his near death experience, he has fully returned to his coveted role as Chief of Police, which I’m guessing rubbed off on Tommy (Kevin’s son) because this boy went and flexed his Garvey name and sturdy chin when he decided to become a Jarden officer of the law. He’s taking lessons from pops now, but is the one schooling dad by the end of the premiere.

The most persistent man west of the Mississippi, Priest Matt Jamison, now has a following that is spilling out into these Miracle streets like rich women waiting for their daily $7.39 Dominique Ansel Bakery cronut. Wheelchair bound no more, Mary is in the crowd being the loving wife she must be after her man stuck by her side for years and remained the only one who had faith she could become able bodied. He’s crushing his sermon, giving us all the info about this season’s big anticipated moment. The anniversary of the October 14th departure and there potentially being a new event that might go down.

Kevin’s not happy with Matt pumpin church flyers throughout the town, cuz chief doesn’t want the town to turn into any more of a madhouse than it’s already become. They’re expecting a 5,000-10,000 pilgrim influx for the anni, so Matt obliges and agrees to tone it down.

Where Are They Now?

Young black boy fly, Michael Murphy is back for the season and seems to be making a life for himself. Not exactly clear what he’s doing to pay the bills, but he’s a young black man in a suit, and thats all I need to meet my proper representation quota.

Nora Durst never misses a beat and is doing her thing in season 3. She’s still reppin’ the DSD. She up at the police department going over the logistics regarding potential fake departure claims and people trying to off their spouses. Comedic, but real AF in this world. Nora and Kevin still enjoying the love that hath blossomed in front of our eyes. One of those real loves too. Not that Hollywood shit. Real, raw love and affection.

Hunting Buddies

The big surprise of this episode goes down when Kevin has a visitor from his old New York days. Lookin like AYEBODY out here making a return this season because his old hallucination buddy is back in the building. Ol boy whips out a half eaten sandwich and starts talkin’ that shit about a senator asking for PB sandwiches when he could be munchin’ on oysters, chicken francaise and filet mignon. Homie has a mean theory about that dog they killed back out east. Kevin ain’t ready for the realness of that one so he dismisses dude and goes about his day.

Looks like intense, rage filled, focused and bout it bout it neighbor John Murphy, went full afro rockin’ hippie and took up the hand-print fortune telling mantle. Skeptical rednecks stay rollin’ up in the spot actin like mufuckas is schemin, then get hit with the emotional truth and can’t handle that shit. Grown men out here turnin’ into tear jerkin mush. It’s aiight fam. It’s 2017, we can talk about our feelings now. Kevin’s ex-wife, Laurie is still in the building, pulling strings, like only she can.

The gang throws Tommy a nice surprise birthday bash and everything seems pretty damn normal in Miracle, TX. College campus living Jill even rolled up to the spot?! Nobody saw that one coming.

Some big moments go down as the episode comes to a close. Nora tells Kevin that Mary plans to use them legs to waltz her ass right out of Miracle and back to Mapleton. Oh wooorrrrdddd?!? Just chuckin up the dueces on big homie father-stuck-by-your-side? Damn, cant be trying to chain your wife to the miracle producing town you live in, even with the chance she’ll crumble to the ground like sand castles during El Niño the moment she steps outside the bridge. Big moments for Miracle. Its clear the “conspiracy theories” about the government eradicating Evie and the Guilty Remnant will become a big plot point, turning Evie into the town’s picture perfect martyr. Big moments for Kevin. Him jumping into the water to show that the town’s holy water supply wasn’t poisoned? Amazing growth for his character. Big moments for faith. Kevin found out Matt has been writing a book about him. Or should I say, writing the New-New Testament as Kevin starring as Jesus. Kevin. Was. PISSED. Can’t wait to see how all that madness unfolds.

That final scene though?!?!?!?!?! What the hell was that mind fuck!? Is Sarah Nora? Is Nora Sarah? Is Nora an old woman when she leaves Miracle? Was Nora still in Miracle when she delivered them doves and can shape shift like Melisandre?! Is Nora the devout woman from the 1800s?! A descendant perhaps?! This show is too damn good!!

Leftover Red Herrings

New martyrs for this season. New saviors for this season.

Amazing scene with the Gary Busey loving devout dude bros.

Strange circumstances surround Lily, the beautiful black baby Nora was caring for last season. That dirty townie tried to steal her at the end of last season, so there’s still some questions that need answering.

Yo. When that fight popped off between the would be baptized and the protesters!! You could hear skulls being crushed by people swinging and throwing them big ass rocks. I was cringing at the sound. Mad real.

Kevin’s pops “went off the rails and moved to Australia”. We’ve been getting teased about Austrailia since the show started but it think it’s finally about to GO. DOWN. UNDA!!

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