The Mighty Thor #20 Review

Writer: Jason Aaron / Artist: Russell Dauterman, Valerio Schiti / Marvel Comics

Just to do a quick mental health check, you weren’t dreaming. It really is 2017, we’ve been without Prince for a year, there really is a sentient Everlasting Gobstopper in the White House… and the past 19 issues of The Mighty Thor have truly been absolute perfection. This is one of those comics that shoots for the edge of the universe and still lands somewhere awesome even when it doesn’t get there.

Issue #20 is easy on the Thor, heavy on the stage setting and world building. We follow Agent Solomon and a few members of the Congress of Worlds as they travel to the realm of dwarves. A lot of this book deals with the ramifications of Malekith’s seemingly relentless War of Realms (as well as another evil on the come-up). In many other cases, a storyline like this that’s gone on since Jason Aaron’s Thor: God of Thunder series, it would have gotten stale by now. But Aaron has definitely kept it interesting. The other plot alongside this one that doesn’t get as much airtime as it perhaps deserved was the conversation between Jane Foster and the still unworthy Odinson. The differing perspectives between these two are understandable, but Odinson’s disposition seems a little cringeworthy and hard to relate to given the character and bravery he showed in the most recent issue of Unworthy Thor.

Screen Shot 2017-06-22 at 8.44.05 PM

No need to worry about the art. As usual, Russell Dauterman has you covered. It seems like this issue, he tried to bring a different, more sullen tone to the book which is appropriate considering nothing remotely upbeat takes place in this issue until the end. I thought sharing the pencil duties with Valerio Schiti was going to be too big a clash of art styles for this book to handle but it ended up working out well. The book’s overall mood gave them both a great way to meet in the middle as far as color palettes go. You never feel like you’re reading two completely different books or anything.

Bottom Line: Even with half of Russell Dauterman’s work, this book is still better than 90% percent of its peers between the Big Two. Jason Aaron is one of the top three go-to writers for top shelf world building and it shows in this issue.

9 High and Tight Chris Hemsworth Ragnarok Haircuts out of 10

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