Hold My Quirk! ‘My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero’ Texas Smashes to Mobile Devices

My Hero Academia

Did You Say My Hero Academia on Mobile?

If you’re not playing the new My Hero Academia mobile game, I implore you go begin ASAP. Let me tell you I’m down for the MHA dedication. Put Ochaco Uraraka on a sippy cup, give me Bakugo ringtones, hell get me Tokoyami’s cloak, I’ll be down for anything. I’ll admit, when they announced a mobile game, I was skeptical, but honestly they mapped this game out better than their console game. A lot of the grievances I had were fixed within the first week. Many of the questions I had about gameplay and the uses of certain features were showcased in brilliant ways. My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero will bring you back to those adolescent days where you walked up to yo’ momma’s friends and ask if they got games on their phone.

Plus Ultra Features!

My Hero Academia

One of the initial features that captured me was this open world format that you don’t get much in mobile games. Usually when games try this, there’s a chance for it to get clunky and disorganized. Strongest Hero managed to make getting to your missions easy but also leaves a lot to the imagination. Even when you run out of stamina, there is still so much to explore and side missions you can do. From doing simple missions such as picking up trash from the beach to fighting with villains causing a ruckus near a neighborhood market, you get the “hero agency” experience.

What I find the be captivating about the side missions is that the creators implemented great reward systems. In other mobile games, there’s not much content beyond the missions. If you run out of “energy” points you have to buy them or wait hours for them to replenish. Strongest Hero instead offers various ways to regain stamina and still improve your character and gameplay without the need for purchasing more energy. They also gave enough content to explore the open world, that is vast and enjoyable, that by the time you do a couple of rounds of going into restaurants, malls, or exploring the streets a lot of your stamina is already replenished. Not only do side missions offer fun things to do to stay engaged, but it also grants you opportunities to gain coins to buy items like recruitment tickets.

Class 1-A Stay Loyal to the Grind

My Hero Academia

One of my favorite activities in Strongest Heroes is the “Arena” where you and someone else deploy three characters and you can throw hands live. Granted it’s probably one of the more stressful side games, but you can indulge in this feature as many times as you want. Alternatively, “Super Co-Op mode,” is a similar concept except it’s handsfree and dependent on the level of your hero and formation to see how they will succeed. Super Co-Op also offers the ability to gain Hero Coins which you can use to buy recruitment tickets for Class 1-A characters or their shards, Hero Support tickets, gear, and more. These are just two of their features as they also have dungeons, rank battles, and so much more to indulge in other than main missions.

Character Expansion and Room for Growth

My Hero Academia

When it comes to available characters in the game, I’m impressed with the available slate so far and can’t wait to see how this will extend in the future. How would the team introduce ‘The League of Villains?’ There are so many fans of Shigaraki despite his ashy lips, so there must be a plan for this. Will there be multiple modes that introduce the villains? So far only a little more than half of Class 1-A is available, so it’s safe to assume they will introduce the whole class first. And also, what about Class 1-B and other pro heroes? The My Hero Academia world is already a huge interactive manga/show so the developers’ ability to keep players engaged won’t be difficult considering the setup of the game. As long as they introduce more stories and continue improving on the move set, the fandom would be down for anything.

In spite of its glories, the game does have some slight bugs. At first, players were unable to connect their Facebook accounts to the game. Every now and then the game has sound quality issues where the sound would be out of sync. It isn’t extremely bothersome as it doesn’t happen often, but it can be annoying if you’re trying to take some screenshots and the sound shuts out. A simple restart fixes the problem. In all if you have enough space on your phone, it is 100% worth the download. If you don’t have enough space, it’s also worth deleting some unnecessary files you haven’t used since your last phone upgrade. I am excited to see where this game will go and how this world will continue to expand.

My Hero Academia

9.2 Detroit Smashes out of 10

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