The Top 5 Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards to Keep on You at All Times

Yu-Gi-Oh! is more than just a card game. Yu-Gi-Oh! is a way of life. These cards have been passed down for hundreds of years and we have yet to tap into their full potential. These cards are a way to save the world and a way to get out of any sticky situation. I bring you the top 5 Yu-Gi-Oh! cards to keep handy on a daily basis. These cards can save your life one day but they can also bring about destruction and discord so please use them wisely.

Number 5: “Blue Eyes White Dragon”

This should come as no surprise but Seto Kaiba’s main squeeze dragon buddy is first on the list. This card can level an entire city so be careful. This card will also help you get past any roadblocks in case you helped Nicolas Cage steal the Declaration of Independence again. This dragon is packed with 3000 attack power so when you summon it into the world be prepared for a little collateral damage.

Number 4: “Kuriboh”

Up next we have a little tough ball of fluff. The monster of fur, the cuteness to pump up your juices, Kuriboh. Now Kuriboh is one of Yugi’s main monsters. It got him out of even the pinchiest of pinches. Kuriboh isn’t as dangerous as the Blue-Eyes White Dragon but it also packs a little tiny punch. Kuriboh is best used as a cute companion because he can float around you, which would make great talking points with random strangers you’d like to meet. He’s also cute as hell.

Number 3: “Change of Heart”

Change of Heart is essential for anyone living their daily lives. The card is used to take control of your opponents monster card, but what I have found out through extensive research is that you can actually use this card on people and even animals. So let’s say you ask for a free figure of your favorite character from a show and the shop owner is like nahhhhhh son 3,000 dollars. You can whip out your Change of Heart card and BLAM free figure or you can at least give them a Change of Heart on the price. Be careful with this card because in the wrong hands it can be dangerous.

Number 2: “Time Wizard”

Our runner-up card to always keep on deck in life is the one and only crimson keeper of the clock, the Time Wizard. The Time Wizard is by far the most dangerous card on this list. It’s not a destructive force but summoning this card would literally rip apart and change the fabric of time, FOREVER altering the future. Creating multiple good and bad timelines that will exist infinitely in the fabric of the universe. UNRAVELING SPACE AND TIME ITSELF IS NOTHING FOR THIS CARD.


Numbah One goes to the handy dandy Mirror Force. Mirror Force is the most useful out of all of these cards because it’s a counter. It’s a trap card that counters your opponent’s attack BUT, again through extensive real true research, I have found that if you activate this card in life it can literally block and counter anything that happens to you.

Let’s say someone takes a sly dig at you, you know a mini roast of what you’re wearing or what have you. Whip out the Mirror Force and watch as a COMET OF VENGEANCE RAINS DOWN UPON THEM AND OBLITERATES WHOEVER DARES TO THROW SHADE YOUR WAY BANISHING THEIR SOUL TO THE SHADOW REALM. It also works if a basketball is about to hit your face. It’ll block it and then SEND A COMET TO RAIN DOWN UPON… well you know the deal.

And there you have it the 5 Yu-Gi-Oh! cards to keep strapped to your utility belt at all times. And remember kids ask yourself: WWJD (What would Joey Do?).

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