The Ultimates #5 Review

Writer: Al Ewing / Artist: Kenneth Rocafort / Marvel Comics

This series is so important to Marvel right now. I’m not sure how many people are aware of that, but it really is. The Ultimates is a book where these powerhouse heroes have teamed up to deal with shit behind the scenes, and they are getting results, making waves, and literally doing the impossible… and they are only in their 5th issue. They even transformed Galactus into a bringer of life — which is a good thing, because he steps in and saves theirs.

The Ultimates arrive on the outside of everything. When I say that, I mean the outside of reality, dude. They literally went to the beyond but it was more than they anticipated. This is a team of strong ass characters, powerhouses, muhfucking ape-faced killas that’ll split ya wig, but they’re geniuses as well. This issue is important as we see that even with their resume filled to the header with badassery, this team can still fail. It comes as a shock to the reader, but it happens, and it happens big.

America chavez

Ewing shows America Chavez pushed to the limit and passing out. Carol Danvers is shouting for her to snap back into the game because she is literally the only chance they have of survival. Shit is fucking crazy, so much so that Galactus comes in for the save and puts the heroes on game. Ewing had Galactus spit the illest truth in telling these heroes about themselves.

“You came here wrapped in thin steel and hubris.”

Daaaaamn, son. Of course, Galactus is keeping them in the dark about being sent by Eternity, but then we see Galactus witness the situation Eternity is in and we have a cosmic-level mystery on our hands. All the while a major player from Secret Wars finds his way back from the void thanks to The Ultimates’ actions. Ewing is doing the most right here, man. This is the shit we need. The Ultimates seem to be the Damage Control team for the universe, and we get the biggest sense of that in this issue.

Kenneth Rocafort does another great job of making space his own with his style. Where his detail on certain character features can come off as a bit jagged or rough, it’s just fitting for this book. That detail becomes trivial when you see the large-scale drawings he does of Galactus, the time stream, and space. Rocafort has nailed the sci-fi look and feel, and now I’m really eager to see what he’ll do when our heroes are back on Earth.

People… I’ma tell you but one more time. This series will become critical to future Marvel events. I’m calling it.

9 Hull Bbreachers out of 10

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  • JM

    This book is amazing. Here’s hoping Marvel treats it as such, and not just a 12-issue project (as so many other new titles).

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