The Walking Dead Recap: Always Accountable

Season: 6/ Episode: 6 / AMC

I’m going to be honest with you. The sixth episode of The Walking Dead was mostly a bunch of nothing. For a 40-something minute episode, about 25 of them were necessary.

“Always Accountable” started off with Daryl, Sasha and Abraham successfully leading the herd of walkers far enough so that they could head back to Alexandria. But after taking a couple turns, they end up in an ambush and get separated as Sasha and Abraham’s car crashes into a wall and Daryl has to ride off on his bike.

Totally Not What Happened

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From there, Sasha and Abraham make the decision to find somewhere to wait things out until Daryl comes back and tracks them. They find themselves in an abandoned office building – save for a walker that’s locked behind a glass door in the same room. While there, the two share their differing philosophies on staying sane in their new world. Sasha’s all for only doing what you have to and Abraham is still in survivor mode and willing to kill everything he can to help cleanse the world. Maybe we can get them on a double-date with Carol and Morgan. It’ll be like an episode of a sitcom.

After driving off into a burned down forest, Daryl hides his bike in some bushes before he stumbles across a group of three travelers. Well, two, until the third one knocks him upside the head from behind. He wakes up to find out that the group thinks he’s a part of “them” – a mysteriously unnamed group of people they abandoned. They come up with the not-so-clever plan of trading Daryl back to the group for leverage. With Daryl in tow, they head to a truck loading dock where they were looking for someone named “Patty.”

They decide that she’s gone and, while deep in their emotions, Daryl grabs their bag and runs off. While off in the woods, he sees a moss-covered walker heading in his direction. He fumbles around the bag, grabs his crossbow and shoots the walker in the head in enough time to not really be that concerned for his safety. He notices that the bag had a cooler that was filled with insulin. Apparently one of the people that grabbed him was diabetic.

Back at the office, Abraham and Sasha continue their debate and Sasha reads him like a book by telling him that his urge to kill every walker possible – even those that aren’t direct threats – is a sign that he isn’t coping as well as he’d thought. After going for a walk, Abraham comes across an abandoned military vehicle on a bridge.

While checking the supplies, he finds 3 RPGS – you know, like any Wednesday afternoon – and a box of cigars. Because he’s gotten addicted to destruction, he almost puts his own life at risk by literally hanging himself over the edge of the bridge to get the missile launcher off of the back of the walker/former soldier hanging there.

After coming to his senses, he accepts that some things aren’t meant to be had. While smoking a cigar, the walker has struggled so much in its excitement that it’s body falls to the ground, leaving the missile launcher hanging there for Abraham to grab.

After Daryl takes the insulin back to the group that took him captive earlier, he earns their trust by helping them escape the members of their larger group that have come to find them. For the record, he did this by baiting one of them into walking past a trapped walker, which bit him, and having his arm cut off by his friend. At least we know they’re human enough to call it a day after someone loses a limb.

The four of them walk further through the woods and find the bodies of two former friends. They were apparently in a glass house when the forest fire that burned everything to a char started. So they were basically encased in melted glass. As one of the women in the trio bent over to put flowers at their grave site, the encased walkers wake up, break through and bite her on both sides of her neck.

Daryl helps the other two bury their lost comrade and asks them the standard questions before thinking of inviting them to Alexandria. You know, “How many walkers/people have you killed?” They respond by saying they’ve killed a couple dozen walkers, but no people because that’d be too hard to come back from.

As they walked back to get Daryl’s bike, the two start asking him questions about if his friends will come back for him or not. After he realizes the jig is up, they pull the gun that he took and gave back to them earlier and basically tell him to run that bike and crossbow. So, the two things that made Daryl the coolest were taken.

Luckily for him, he followed a trail and found a truck from the trucking yard they checked out earlier. It turns out “Patty” was the truck. Daryl killed the undead driver and was able to track Sasha and Abraham, who had just made it clear that they have feelings for each other. Of course, that means Abraham has to break it off with Rosita.

While on the road back, with Abraham feeling like a new man with a new outlook and life [and a new jacket that doesn’t go with anything] Daryl tries to reach out to Rick on the walkie talkie. Suddenly, a muffled voice asks for help.

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