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Season: 5 / Episode: 13 / AMC

In this week’s episode of AMC’s The Walking Dead we watch the group try and acclimate to what’s probably their first moments of peace since they left the prison back in Georgia after entering the safe haven of a walled-off Alexandria, Virginia.  We start off with Sasha’s internal battle with loss, grief and survival as she uses photos of the original owners of her new home as target practice with the intent of luring walkers to her.

Rick goes back to the house where he left his “just-in-case” gun and found his new suspicions when he noticed it had been taken and replaced with a walker in its place, as a possible trap. Rick plots with Daryl and Carol about the locals of Alexandria and notices a dead walker with a “W” carved into it’s forehead, raising more suspicions.

Michonne starts her position as constable of Alexandria, alongside Rick, but acknowledges that this is possibly a play by Deanna, the leader of Alexandria, and that she’s going to wait and see what it means. The two meet with Deanna to talk about the importance of their role and what she wants them to do to support the community in hopes of bringing it closer to what life used to be like.


It is soon revealed how unprotected Alexandria truly is and Sasha is nominated to take shifts as a lookout in the bell tower. Deanna agrees to consider the option as long as Sasha attends a welcoming party at her home that evening. Carol, continuing to play innocent and naive to lower the local’s concerns, goes to scout the local armory so that the group can get their hands on some of their weapons.

Daryl, now accompanied by Aaron, comes across a horse in the woods named “Buttons” and tries to wrangle it in to bring it back to the town. When Daryl’s seconds away from catching the horse, a group of walkers scare him away. While tracking it down, Aaron tries to encourage Daryl to open up to the people so that they can trust him, comparing their fear for him due to his homosexuality with their fear of Daryl due to misunderstanding. They eventually track down the horse only to watch it be taken down and eaten by a group of walkers. To put it out of its misery, Aaron shoots the half-dead horse in the head.

Later that day, most of the group members attend a party at Deanna’s. Rick meets Reg, Deanna’s architect-husband that built the wall. Daryl attempts to go in, but ultimately chooses to head back home where he’s intercepted by Aaron, who invites him inside for dinner and commends his attempt to acclimate. Rick formally meets Jessie’s husband, the town doctor. Jessie attempts to remind Rick that the new life they’ve made for themselves is one he should try and latch on to. Rick also meets Sam, Jessie’s son, who shares a tender moment of acceptance with him while stamping a “A” on his hand and symbolically making him one of the town.

It’s revealed that Aaron wants Daryl to come with him as a recruiter for Alexandria. To sweeten the deal, Aaron takes him to is garage to show him a motorcycle that he’s been working on.

Having already unlocked the window to the armory, Carol leaves the party and sneaks in, but is followed by Sam, who’s looking to ask her to make more cookies. Sam threatens to tell his mom what he saw Carol doing, which forces her to threaten to tie him to a tree as bait for walkers one morning.

The next morning, Deanna takes further strides to help Sasha adjust to life in Alexandria. Meanwhile, Rick meets up with Carol and Daryl in their usual spot and gets a gun from Carol, Daryl refuses his. Once back in Alexandria, Rick runs to a steel wall where he hears a walker banging on from outside. He puts his hand on the wall and notices the “A” that was stamped on it by Sam the night before.

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