writer: Jason Aaron / artist: Russell Dauterman / Marvel Comics

So, the “new” Thor series (same Jason Aaron flavor, new numbers) hit the ground running and has been doing laps around any other comic like it out there. Aaron has wasted no time sticking Mjolnir’s newest owner in the thick of things to prove herself worthy. Here in Issue 4, things may have just gotten hairier than she was prepared for.

The book picks up right where the last left off….with the Goddess of Thunder about to have a really bad day. It’s bad enough that she’s caught in the middle of a see-saw battle between the Frost Giants, Dario Agger of Roxxon Corp and Malekith, king of the Dark Elves. Now, Thor Odinson, the original owner of Mjolnir, has shown up looking for his hammer. And he is NOT happy. Much of the focus is on Odinson waking up to a brave new world and not liking the new way of things. The pace is pretty kinetic and uptempo like the past few issues have been thus far. The downside here is that even though we’re a step closer to the identity of Lady Thor (I’m sorry, but if it isn’t obvious by now, you people just aren’t paying attention), we’re still pretty much in the dark about how exactly Odinson became “unworthy” from Nick Fury whispering some sweet nothing in his ear.

Still, everything else about this issue is so entertaining, it’s worth being strung along for another month. Meanwhile, I didn’t think it was possible, but the artwork might just be getting better. And considering that Russell Dauterman’s pencils borderline on immaculate as it is, that’s really saying something. The details seem to make or break (mainly make) every page. You can see and almost feel the rage on Thor’s eyes during his mission to get his trusted weapon back. If the point of these reviews is for me to determine whether or not this book is still worth your time and money, the answer is absolutely.

Bottom Line: Despite crucial questions still unanswered, this issue was way more entertaining than it really needed to be to still carry the gold standard. Pick this book up while the picking is good. 9.5 out of 10.


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  • Andrew

    There can only be one Thor! Odinson!!

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