Tony Stark: Iron Man #5 Review

Writer:Dan Slott / Artist:Gang Hyuk Lim / Image Comics

Word to everything, I never thought I’d see Arno Stark as the devilish wish giver in any sci-fi/fantasy story trope. Or at all. It’s a bit of a revelation. Tony Stark: Iron Man is doing what it does best, taking one good idea and forming a new story around it with each issue. This time around Slott gives us a look at the dark side of the Stark gene pool.

Issue #5 of Tony Stark: Iron Man returns Arno to the fold as the head of a Stark subsidiary, The Maria Stark Foundation. No longer a quarantined, a fully able-bodied Arno stark is out in the world doing the best things to the worst people. TS:IM #5 is a fun read, Slott takes you on a trip around the world – navigated by Arno’s twisted moral compass.

Where issues 1-4 are steeped in the quirky and ultimately benevolent hijinks at Stark HQ, this fifth entry is downright lethal at times. Dan Slott writes Arno Stark like an evil Doogie Howser; oh, he’s got the answer to your problem – but it’s going to cost you.

I’m really curious about what this character will bring to the arc at large. Nothing about what went down in Issue #5 fits in with what’s happened so far. It adds to this feeling that each issue is a one-shot unto itself. It feels strange to like it at all but somehow I am compelled to buy into wherever this is going to go. This whole series has evolved into a ‘lawd, take the wheel’ situation.

Surprisingly enough, Tony Stark: Iron Man is still engaging to read and taking us to places we have never been with the Iron Man mythos. Hats off to the art team, nothing groundbreaking but at least a few chilling panels in there toward the end that really give you an idea where Arno’s head is these days.

6 vegan documentaries out of 10


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