Ultimates 2 # 7 Review

Writer: Al Ewing / Artist: Audrey Koch / Marvel Comics

Oye, this issue ain’t an easy one to move through, folks. I’m a huge fan of this riveting-ass series. Ultimates is without a doubt the most underrated, under the radar, and under appreciated book on Marvel’s roster. Ewing and Travel Foreman ain’t give us shit but hits for the longest. That being said we were bound to run into a speed bump along the way.

We’re thrown face-first into this crossover issue with the Ultimates and other heavy hitters from Earth stuck outside of their home planet due to Steve Rogers’ cunning Hydra moves. We get an outside-looking-in perspective… literally, as Carol Danvers is in outer space looking at Earth, kicking herself for being not seeing this coming. The best part of this issue lies in Monica Rambeau’s unique use of her powers and her continual growth in pushing her god-mode abilities with cosmic awareness, which she is still getting accustomed to.

Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 9.22.30 PM

Audrey Koch was on art this issue and the choice of having Monica in her light-mode for the entirety of this issue (with them being at war) is smart. The detail in characters was vastly different from what we’ve grown use to for this series. That doesn’t mean worse, it’s just a hit or miss interpretation for the characters look-wise with Travel Foreman’s absence. Alright, so now we can keep it a buck and say this issue was all filler for this crossover. It’s only slightly annoying because you read this and can almost hear the creative team’s own annoyance saying “stop wasting my tiiiiime!” with this unwanted Secret Empire group project, especially when the story in this series is shitting on this big cross-over event.

Can we get back to the cosmic war going on outside which no species is safe from now? The team did deserve a break for all the set up they been giving us but my god, not like this… Secret Empire? Not like this, man.

6.9 Misplaced Keys out of 10

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