The Ultimates #4 Review

Writer: Al Ewing / Artist: Kenneth Rocafort / Marvel Comics

Y’all want that lucrative character development? That world on world building? It’s here! Al Ewing continues to give us the background we need and deserve on one Adam Brashear, The Blue Marvel. It feels as if you can tell Ewing wasn’t done building up Blue Marvel over in his Mighty Avengers Run. We see his past come back to haunt him with the re-appearance of Anti-man who was once his old war buddy, Connor. Ewing does a great job retelling some behind the scenes events from Blue Marvel’s first appearance as well as how close he was to his friend now turned foe.


A lot of this issues focuses on the turmoil of what Adam feels in seeing what his friend Connor has become and remembering what he took away as well. The viewer sees Connor as a helpless person at first, seeing flashes of his old life, and what he has done, while (apparently) moving in and out of sanity. It’s like he’s been sleepwalking for some time now and Blue Marvel is bout to wake his ass up with the rudeness! There still isn’t a de-facto leader in the group but it’s apparent that whoever grasps the situation the best or has more experience in the matter takes point. It’s cool to see Blue Marvel in the driver’s seat this time, plusssss we gotta talk about the neutral zone gear!


Woooooooooooo! Rocafort got that shit looking real Mobile Suit Gundamn up in the fandom man. I was not expecting the new toys to come out and play like that. Rocafort has done an excellent job of staking claim for the look of the neutral zone as well. This is the first we’re seeing of it explored to this depth as a layer before “the outside of everything” and he is stamping it as his own. We see another person show up which I wasn’t expecting so soon either, I won’t spoil who but it’s minor compared to yet ANOTHER challenger arriving at the end of the book talking to Galactus.

Listen, Ewing and Rocafort got it feeling like it is high muh-fucking stakes out here in the known/unknown portion of the Marvel Universe, yo. When someone is telling Galactus that the group is putting too much on the game and are about to see the truth no one, not even Galactus has bore witness to out there beyond the badlands? Come on. This is heavy duty shit right here, baby.

This is the sci-fi adventure we been talking about right here, man. You think it’s a game? YOU THINK IT’S A FUCKING GAAAAAAAME?!?! *DMX Barking*

8.3 “Oh Shit” Cameos out of 10

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