Uncanny X-Men #34 Review

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis / Artist: Chris Bachalo / Marvel

Well, it’s been a fun ride, but Brian Bendis is finally bringing his run on the X-Men franchise to a close. If we’re being honest, there have been some low points to go along with the high ones, but it’s been mostly a solid run. While All New X-Men had a small bit of interference in tying off loose ends thanks to the Black Vortex event, Uncanny hasn’t had such problems deterring from putting a finish to old business.

This issue puts the focus on shutting down an old friend: Mystique. Since Xavier’s death, she’s had a little too much room to run wild and certain X-Men as well as S.H.I.E.L.D. have a vested interest in seeing her latest criminal enterprises put to an end. Even with the twist midway through the book, this ends up being a fairly straightforward affair with a satisfying end.


I wish we would have gotten a little more depth from Mystique and answered a question or two more (like when the FUCK did she secretly get married to Charles Xavier….seriously, is NOBODY going to talk about that?!), but I was pretty happy with what we got. The story also deals a little with what will become of Cyclops’ former students, but also saves some of that for the big finish we’re supposed to get from Uncanny X-Men #600. Visually, Kris Anka has been at the top of his game since he started this series. I was grateful to see his clean, classy work to contrast from getting a little too much of Chris Bachalo’s trademark clutter.

Bottom Line: A pretty fun, penultimate installment to get us ready for Bendis’ big finish (that had better be oversized to deal with all the cleaning up he has to do). 8 out of 10.


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