Westworld Recap: The Adversary

Season: 1 / Episode: 6 / HBO

**Spoilers stealing bottles of Goose from the rooftop bar**

Previously on Westworld:
Dolores and William activated their Intersect programming and hopped the midnight train to the maze with Lawrence. Man in Black and Teddy are bosom buddies now, Arnold may be speaking to Hosts from beyond the grave, Maeve may have escaped her loop, Felix may have fucked everything up with his dreams of being employee of the month, and the internet decided that Man in Black needs to catch these hands.

Y’all bold…

We open with Maeve waking up to the soothing sounds of the Wii Sports soundtrack. At the saloon, Clementine looks like she’s had a long night but lets her boss know that men ain’t always looking for the softest place on Earth. Enter dirty Seth MacFarlane and Maeve’s like, oh bitch, I got this one. Next thing you know she’s getting choked out upstairs. Maeve’s officially entered the void. She wakes up on the slab in the repair room with Employee of the Month hopeful, Felix. Boi, you in trouble now.


Elsie, the only one around here who actually does her job well, and Bernard try to figure out who’s their mole. The info they collect can only be deciphered with a computer running iOS3 so Bernard heads down to basement level 82. Yo, the lights don’t even work on this level. Looking like he wandered onto the set of Resident Evil. I was so shook whole time waiting for the killer to pop out on Bernard. That ain’t happen tho. He got a moment to “science the shit outta this” and found a bunch of unregistered Hosts hanging out on park property. Helluva thing to miss.

We jump to another vaguely ethnic town where all the townsfolk are doing vaguely ethnic things until Ford shows up with his contractors. He 86es the plan to level the town and run the canyon through there. Thanks, Ford…I guess. On his way out, he spots the symbol for The Maze and heads back to his office to check his old notes. Dramatic chord. He’s found something!

Teddy and Man In Black taking their buddy act on the road. They’re talking about The Maze and Teddy mentions the story of “A man who’s been killed countless times”. Teddy are you the key to the center of The Maze? Sidebar: Don’t think I haven’t peeped how MIB lets Teddy ride while he dragged Lawrence around by a noose. They run into some guys who tell them the cops Union soldiers already shut down Freaknik Pariah. Sorry, guys. Teddy’s determined to find his lady so he finds them an alternate route through the hills. Little does Teddy know, Dolores ain’t checking for him no more. Add that to his list of Ls. SMH.


Back in repairs, Felix steady spilling his guts to Maeve. Like giving intricate details about her programming and shit like THAT’S a good idea. Maeve asks Felix how does he know he’s human and he says he just knows. That’s not suspicious at all. Felix, obviously (and possibly literally) having a hard time around the naked Maeve, is literally summarizing her entire user manual and shows her the other side of the Matrix which shorts her the hell out. You done fucked up again, Felix.

Theresa still shook after her meeting with Ford and sitting in the dark in her office when Bernard pops in. He’s trying to talk about the mole but Theresa has a better plan. She’s cutting him off because Ford knows they’ve been making the beast with two backs. It’s cash before letting him smash so she ends their affair before anyone can accuse her of bias. Gotta respect that. She also calls him on how much mess he’s been letting slide, especially with Ford. Finally, somebody said it. Bernard leaves with his feelings hurt and forgets all about that mole thing. Bruh, you married to Gina Torres tho! Can’t feel sorry for you right now.

Felix button mashing like mad trying to get Maeve back online. She finally boots back up and asks for the grand tour of the facility. Felix almost avoids fucking up until she gives him a little tender touch. Honestly, if she touched me like that, I’d do whatever the fuck she wanted too. The Thandi Newton Effect. So now our boy just walks her through all the floors: where they’re hosing bodies down before repair, the assembly line, testing, design. Maeve gets the full Intern’s First Day special. Although, somebody explain to me how he’s just walking her through and nobody is saying anything? Like nobody? This is worse than sneaking backstage at Disneyland and seeing all the characters with their heads off taking smoke breaks. He lets her watch the promo video which includes the “dream” she had of her and her daughter and we get another hit of the “Live without limits” slogan. That’s the trigger, breaking from the narrative.


Felix spills his guts about how Host just get retconned more that DC superheroes and has the audacity to tell her her old backstories. Boi, you can’t be telling her all this! Finally Sylvester walks in and freaks out because Felix put a dress on Maeve. Sylvester threatens to snitch to Quality Assurance but Maeve ain’t having any of it. Scalpel to his throat, she offers to personally inspect his internal organs. Now I never thought I’d say this but I’m with Sylvester. What the fuck did you do, Felix?? Turns out Maeve has entered the void. She don’t give a fuck!

Theresa talks to the Chinese investors who are clearly not pleased. She finds Lee on “sick leave” lounging by the rooftop pool sipping margaritas. Ford’s new narratives are disrupting the park but Lee still in his feelings about having his art rejected. You sippin on these margaritas ain’t strengthening your arguments. Theresa lets him know the board may be looking to replace Ford, but Lee’s chances ain’t looking good. I’mma add Theresa to the list of women who ain’t got time for Ford’s shenanigans.

Teddy finds the alternate route to get he and MIB back on their trail but it leads through a Union camp. Finally somebody wants to keep Teddy alive. Interesting that it’s MIB. They snag some uniforms to go incogneto but Teddy gets recognized. Turns out that activates Teddy’s Terminator protocol and he starts blowing mofos away. They’re outnumbered and MIB and Teddy get captured.

Back at the rooftop bar, Lee spots a beautiful woman at the bar. IT’S TESSA THOMPSON, Y’ALL! She’s so fabulous. Lee’s drunk ass is trying to flex on her and drops that the Hosts can go off-script. Too bad his drunk ass can’t see that she’s discreetly pumping him for information. Lee tries to keep the party going but Theresa told the bartender to cut him off. Salty, he snags a bottle and wanders off.

Elsie comes to talk to Bernard about blowing up the whole company mole’s spot because she doesn’t realize she’s the only one here trying to solve this problem. Or any problem, really. She’s enjoying this bust a little too much and is already plotting on taking over Theresa’s room when old girl gets fired. Elsie, this kinda ambition gets you nowhere. Just ask Felix. She mentions Theresa’s letting too much slip through the cracks but nah, girl, that’s Bernard’s ass.


Bernard has someone look into Sector 17 where he saw unregistered Hosts and sees no activity reports for the area. Of course, he goes to investigate on his own because Bernard has no respect for his life. You really want to go to Sector 17 without telling anybody, Bernard? Turns out Ford done set-up a homestead with Arnold’s old models made in the likeness of Ford and his family. Bernard’s freaked out and is like dis tew much, Ford. Bernard, THIS is finally what you consider too far?? Before Bernard can do anything about it, Ford pulls the dead son card…that’s cold. Ford gonna get all y’all killed

Back on the QA floor, they’re monitoring the park when Lee’s drunk ass starts pissing on everything. Theresa walks up just as he’s cursing her name and introduces him to Charlotte Hale (Tessa) the Executive Director of the board. Lee, and little Lee make the most awkward greeting. Bernard checks to see how many first generation Hosts are still active and gets a list of all 47 of the ones made by Arnold. Y’all got 47 of Arnold’s first gen hosts still in rotation? You ain’t see a problem with that?


Back at the Union camp, they’re ready to brand Teddy with the mark of The Maze but Teddy has a flashback that reminds him he’s a badass. He whips e’rybody’s ass with the branding iron and when MIB want to run Teddy says Nah, fam, they all gotta die. So he just starts machine gunning folks. Like, whatever. After a convenient amount of bullets, all the Union soldiers is done and the MIB is like WTF, Teddy? Me too, man, me the fuck too.


Elsie’s got a hot lead on discovering the mole but she has to head into the park to snag the info. The Hosts are broadcasting information to a company satellite and may be broadcasting commands back to the Hosts. I don’t know if you want to do that alone, girl.

Ford comes out to play catch with his dog and his robot kid self but somebody’s killed old Jug. Well that’s a problem… Sorry, Jug.


Elsie heads into the abandoned theatre to find the relay and again we’re somewhere that’s straight out of a horror movie. It was nice knowing you, Elsie.

Theresa’s smoking in her bedroom and starring in a mirror so you know shit’s rough. Bernard shows up to tell her about the shit Ford’s been up to. Yes! Do your damn job Bernard. Immediately, Elsie tries to call him but he ignores it. She calls right back and actually answers. Guess who’s smuggling out data? Theresa’s ass. Elsie mentions something else but Bernard hangs up before she can explain.

Back in repairs Felix back to snitching about all her stats and Maeve’s back to being naked. Sylvester got a lot of lip still but Maeve don’t care about him, his feelings, or his life. She wants some changes made and punks Sylvester into doing it. Apparently Felix told her all about Sylvester’s side hustle letting the other butchers give it to the Hosts before wiping their memories. MAEVE is that BITCH!

Bernard bails on Theresa and calls Elsie back. Turns out Arnold’s been modifying the first generation Hosts this whole time. Now they can lie, hurt guests, break loops, whatever. Shit’s out of control!

Ford’s interviewing Little Robot Robert about how the dog died. Kid starts out lying before telling on himself. Turns out Jug caught a rabbit and killed it when Arnold’s voice told Robot Robert to put it out of its misery and help it.

Meanwhile, Elsie acting like she don’t know host ouchea going AWOL and steady taking time grabbing sensitive information?? You don’t respect your life, Elsie! She hears a suspicious noise and pulls the “I’m gonna wander through this dark, abandoned space calling out ‘Hello’ and people’s names” that gets white folks killed in horror movies before she gets snatched up by something. Guess that info’s lost.

In repairs, Maeve dictates her new stats when Felix notices that somebody’s already been playing around in her attributes. Her paranoia and self-preservation’s been turned up by someone with a higher pay grade. Sylvester’s ready to bounce when Maeve gives him the OG pimp pep-talk. She gets them to turn her intelligence all the way up and Sylvester’s like fuck it, let’s do this. They max her out and now Maeve’s ready to fuck shit up.



That’s three y’all. As always, this park is fucked.

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