Wonder Woman #26 Review

Writer: Shea Fontana / Artist: Mirka Andolfo / DC Comics

It’s a new day, it’s a new creative team, and it’s a new direction for Wonder Woman… Let’s see how we feel about that. Wonder Woman #26 opens up with Diana intervening on an assault that was about to turn sexual. Diana has been helping Trevor and America with her presence over in the middle east. There’s a political angle on that I’ll leave y’all to unpack with that one.

Diana’s allegiance gets fleshed out more and we discover the nature of the covert operation she is part of. The larger part of this issue focuses on Diana dealing with her time on the battlefield and joining Etta Candy for her brother’s wedding. This gets a bit confusing for those of us that followed the previous creative team as Etta was NOT on good terms with Diana. This stems from Cheetah’s fate and still being missing.

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Regardless if this is a narrative not being taken into effect or a dupe on the reader to be explained later, it’s great to see Etta candy. I’m a huge fan of this new look she has under Mirka Andolfo. Andolfo’s art is very vibrant and gives everyone a much younger look. If you were just looking at this you’d be guessing everyone was in their early to late 20’s. This isn’t distracting and is a good new link to make Wonder Woman and her cast look drastically different from the previous creative’s incarnation.

The sweetest moment of this book stems Shea Fontana’s wedding setting where she has Etta talking to Diana (telling her to relax) and Diana interacting with a young girl that lost her shoe. Oh, there’s a great flashback sequence to Diana’s youth that I highly fuck with. Fontana’s execution with Andolfo on that set up was A1. The next adventure for this story arc makes itself radically clear at the end of the issue. There’s a great cliffhanger implemented for securing our interest for the next issue. I’m here for it and ready to see how this new installment for Diana turns out.

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