Action Comics #1007 Cover

Artist: Brian Michael Bendis / Artist: Steve Epting / DC Comics

I kind of feel silly but did you all know that DC has their own H.Y.D.R.A? I had no clue. On a related note, there is apparently a whole lot to unpack between Lois Lane and her father who is something like a “General Ross” type. Despite my absolute uncertainty about the main plot points, I enjoyed Action Comics #1007. We open up with Jimmy Olsen on the back of a motorcycle with this girl he’s been dating. She’s just cryptic and enamored enough with Jimmy to maybe perhaps probably definitely lead to something awful.

Next, we get Lois approaching her father, Sam Lane, in some tense outdoor family dialogue in fall jackets. I’m not sure why I feel that it’s an important detail but I do, and I stand by it. They discuss honesty and their family with the conversation peaking with Lois revealing a secret that she knows will deeply hurt him. Now, he either a) reacts in a calm, healthy manner. b) violently explodes, or c) says nothing and leaves.

Action Comics #1007

Last but not least, of course our title character. Superman is making his rounds, flying through the city when an occurrence that is amongst the rarest in Metropolis. Just kidding. A woman was falling from a skyscraper and cried out, “Superman.” Cliche beyond all comics cliche, I know but when the identity of the damsel is revealed we’re thrown into the next phase of the mysterious events plaguing Metropolis.

It speaks to the quality of the comic how entertained and downright moved at one point I was. I’m not surprised, since I’m definitely a Bendis fanboy. But I want to give some serious props to Steve Epting, especially in the dialogue with Lois and her father. The back and forth close ups are incredibly clean. A close second was Superman’s rescue scene, creating a series of high-speed point of view shots. With all the speedsters in comics, I’m surprised I don’t see it more. With all the tension that’s been building up these months, it’s exciting to get ready for it to culminate.

8 “Faith to Kali Yugas” out to 10

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Action Comics #1007 Cover


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