Adventures of the Super Sons #9 Review

AdoftheSS #9 Cover

Writer: Peter J. Tomasi / Artist: Scott Godlewski / DC Comics

I wasn’t expecting a pivot to a western themed planet and an unexpected team-up with Jonah Hex. Then again, I also wasn’t expecting a Lotus Eater Machine where the Super Sons met older versions of themselves or a prison break, and I thoroughly enjoy those. By the end of Adventures of the Super Sons #9, I definitely enjoyed seeing the World’s Soon-To-Be-Finest in western garb.

Tomasi’s knack for pivoting from genre to genre has been one of the greatest boons to this maxi-series. Transplanting Damian Wayne and Jon Kent into different oddball scenarios have shown the deep bond between the two characters and the different heroic principles they embody. Each issue is a neat little vignette where their playful dynamic remains the joyful highlight of any pull.

Watching Robin, Superboy, and a fledging Green Lantern crash into some bounty hunters chasing Jonah Hex and proceeding to ride off into the distance on horse exemplifies the exact type of audacious glee this comic gives the reader. Tomasi knows how to have a lot of fun putting characters through the ringer, while grounding the series in quiet, reflective moments. In Adventures of the Super Sons #9, the quiet, reflective moments are primarily provided by Jonah Hex who gets some great exposition in. And then there is Rex Luthor leading his miniature Injustice Army on a rampage in the universe, making sure they are high stakes looming in the background.

Adventures of the super sons #9 Inside

You couple the relentlessly optimistic narrative with Godlewski’s wonderfully kinetic artwork, and you have a home run on your hands. Godlewski’s in his element and able to match the revolving door of genres brilliantly and accentuating the drama and action with his illustration.

Adventures of the Super Sons is bombastic and it’s constantly change of pace, while letting us spend more time with the two beacons of hope in the DC Universe. This is a must read for both fans of Batman and Superman. It’s what all superhero comics should aspire to be: fun and inspirational.

9.1 “Outlaws” out of 10

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