Aggretsuko: The Red Panda Office Manager Saying Everything You Want To Shout Out At Your Co-Workers

Sanrio is known for creating super cute characters. Are you surprised I didn’t say super “kawaii” characters? I am too. Combining moe features with anthropomorphism, characters like Chococat, My Melody, and most famously Hello Kitty are made. Admittedly, I’ve never been into any of their characters until I saw the trailer for their latest creation Aggretsuko and I felt a deep connection to a kawaii anime panda.

As you can probably tell from the trailer, the show focuses on the daily life, or struggles, of Aggretsuko (Aggressive Retsuko). She’s a 25-year-old Red Panda who happens to be a reliable office associate with a cute voice. Her bosses and co-workers provide real-life situations for her to overcome. Whether it’s her boss giving her more work, or another employee needing to cut in because she’s talking too much, she handles it with grace and sophistication.


UNTIL BISHES KEEP TALKING THAT TALK AND AGGRETSUKO HAS TO HEAVY METAL THEIR ASSES TO THE SHADOW REALM. FUCK I LOOK LIKE CARING ABOUT PICTURES OF YOUR FAMILY? I’M TRYNA GET HOME TO CATCH THE SAMURAI JACK MARATHON. So after a while, Aggretsuko goes into a literal rage mode. The kanji for rage is even written on her forehead. Her appearance changes just a tiny bit to give her that hardcore look and her voice becomes a little less cute, just a tad. She usually starts headbanging while death growling her inner thoughts. Every episode follows that formula and it never gets old. You’d think the show would run out of situations to put Aggretsuko in, but then you realize it’s just real life and you can immerse yourself in the show. There are even holiday specials.

WHILE I’M DRINKING IN SINGLE HELL.” ~Aggretsuko[/quote_simple]

The episodes are very short at around one minute each. Although I’m always yearning for more, I also understand the short run time. Shows centered around one key element or gag need to make sure they don’t burn themselves out. The easiest way to accomplish that is to have the shortest runtime possible. There are no problems with Aggretsuko because it achieves what it sets out to do. Aggretsuko creates a relatable character in relatable situations and even makes a relatable way to let out steam when we find ourselves in those situations. Every episode ends with Aggretsuko making a cute pose and saying, “Gotta be ready for tomorrow, too!”

Aggretsuko might be done for the day but it starts over again tomorrow and we all know how that feels. Basically, go watch Aggretsuko for a fun time. There are already more than thirty episodes and while there isn’t an official site to watch it on, most of the episodes are on YouTube and the others can be found easily. Join me in officially making a kawaii Red Panda my guardian animal and we can sing our struggles together.


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