All New X-Men #28 Review

As it is, Brian Bendis has been something of a godsend to the X-Books. However, this latest story arc has been something really special. I tend to be highly skeptical about plots that involve as much time travel as this one does, but leave it to Bendis to make these space/time shenanigans work.

This issue continues with Original Five and their grudge match with the All New Brotherhood (yes, I’m totally running with that name and Marvel should too) who seems to have the upper hand this time. Much of the book is dedicated to elaborating on Charles Xavier Jr. and what motivates his bitter hatred of the X-Men. And, man, he REALLY hates the X-Men. The result is that you’re left either wanting to continue hating some characters like Wolverine’s future dirtbag son, Raze (much better at being Logan’s evil son than Daken aka Emo Wolverine) or you find yourself sympathizing for others like Future Beast. I mentioned this in an Uncanny X-Men review, but Dr. McCoy has been an very entertaining character now that he’s become so brooding and sullen. There’s a fantastic exchange this week between him and Xavier Jr. that could have been incredibly hokey, but ended up being really eerie and intriguing. Meanwhile, on the visual side of things, Stuart Immonen is on fire with his artwork. He really does well with the “ominous shadow on people’s faces while they’re plotting” thing. Other comics this week could sit down for a master class with this guy on it, in fact (I’m looking at you, Riccardo Burchielli’s artwork on Batman Eternal).

Bottom Line: Another great installment that once again makes lemonade out of the lemon that was Battle of the Atom. 9 out of 10.


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