Writer: Scott Snyder / Artists: John Romita Jr., Declan Shalvey / DC Comics

All-Star Batman must easily be one of the best things to happen to the Dark Knight’s current lineup. Scott Snyder has taken the genius he poured into the mythology of Gotham from his previous Batman series and sent his hero on more global missions outside of Gotham. The result thus far is an intense rollercoaster ride featuring a murderer’s row of top notch Bat-villains running amok.

Issue #3 sees the Worst Superhero Road Trip Ever go from bad to worse….like Arrow season 4 level worse. The bad guys have not let up on our hero and now he has to make an unexpected pit stop that brings about new information about Two Face’s grand plan. It’s a well-balanced story Snyder has laid out here that manages to stay fast paced and exciting while still maintaining an interesting story that asks unsightly questions of its heroes and its villains.


Meanwhile, the bonus “Cursed Wheel” story is shaping up to be a well rounded, fun vehicle to properly inaugurate Duke Thomas into the Bat-Family. Both stories are really starting to bring into focus just what kind of hero Duke is turning out to be…or at least the kind this character seems to want to be. Though John Romita Jr. seems to be getting more adept at making these characters his own while staying true to the vivid color palette that’s been established for Batman since Greg Capullo’s tenure, Declan Shalvey is the real mvp for this issue. His rendition of Duke in costume is so crisp and constantly interesting to look at all the time and his mind for adding suspense to an already tense storyline.

Bottom Line: This book comes packing a story as compelling and enigmatic as we’ve come to expect from Snyder while maintaining the pace and excitement of a summer blockbuster movie.

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