Supergirl Season Premiere Recap: The Adventures of Supergirl

Season 2 / Episode 1 / The CW

And you say National City all over CW!

Undercard by Ja-Quan ‘Recapz is Life’ Greene

Maaaannnn, the last daughter of Krypton done got herself some new digs. She done dropped her ol’ network like the dude she was seeing who said “You’re not like other girls, you like comics.” and claimed he was all about dating diverse but couldn’t tell you the difference between a weave vs highlights and a perm vs a blow out. New digs being the CW, home of DC superhero angst and not quite cheesy special effects. And honestly, since that crossover episode with The Flash, it’s where she should’ve been all along.

Season 2 of Supergirl picks up immediately following the events of last year’s finale where Kara finishes off Non (Chris Vance) and the villainous Indigo, then discovers a Kryptonian pod she needs answers about. Her and Martian Manhunter investigate the pod only to find out that it contains an unconscious man inside. We don’t find out much of any info about dude this episode but you can bet your bottom Brainiac that this is one of the first times that Supergirl (decided to set-up the long-game storyline) blatantly yet smoothly set up a storyline for deeper into the season.

Title Card by Brittney ‘Swingin Out The Gates’ Williams!
We fly off to the DEO’s conveniently revealed, network upgrade of a facility: a full-on glass highrise with an exterior entrance on the 58th floor.

Sidebar: Who’s using this entrance other than Supergirl and J’onn? Y’all spent all that money installing bay doors that high up for two people to use? And I know it gets windy as hell up there when you open them. Lesson learned: DEO is disrespectful af with their maintenance budgets.

Back to the story. Supergirl has a cute surprise moment because how DARE they have this fancy place when all of season 1 had them hiding out in a cave. Kara, I would’ve been salty too. Alex drops some subtle shade at CBS with, “Kinda like the old place, maybe better,” then we’re off to what CW is known for: The Angst.

Kara’s bragging about her date with James “I’m too grown & sexy to be called Jimmy” Olsen when Alex hits her with the “Why you lyin’, doe?” It’s a sweet sister moment that I’m hoping we get more of throughout the season. Kara’s of course 100% in denial but she doesn’t know, CW is a goddamn ship graveyard. They sink more ships than the Bermuda Triangle. Ain’t no room for healthy relationships round these parts. Sorry bout it.

Meanwhile at CatCo, Kara tells Cat she wants to go into Marketing and Cat gives Kara and Kara’s replacement the read of life. Then puts them, and the soggy ass salad out.

Cue girly but edgy pop song lifted from the latest Bratz movie.

Kara’s getting ready for her date in super adorkable fashion, another CW trope. James shows up with potstickers and pizza that excite Kara more than the tall drink of water bringing them. You ain’t peep that, James? I did. They turn on the Venture Launch, which is really where Kara wants to be but can you blame her, because… spaceships. Liftoff. Venture makes it all the way to space before one of the engines blows and all those rich folk come careening back through the atmosphere. Cut to:

Clark Kent being his corny old, small town Kansas self (which is my favorite version of Superman, bless up). We get a shot of Tyler Hoechlin’s pretty face (although we know where his real assets lie…) before news of the Venture explosion hits the jumbotron. Clark runs through an alarming amount of manhole smoke (seriously, somebody should call 311 about that) and sheds his clothes in a nearby alley before Superman flies off to the rescue in his too long cape.

Sidebar: What kind of salaries are they really making if Clark and Kara keep just leaving their civilian clothes wherever? Like, how haven’t y’all run out of stuff to wear? Anyway.

Kara sees a different broadcast and ghosts on James to go save some rich folk on a broken spaceship. She gets there first but when Supes shows up, maaaan. These are the cutest, cheesiest, most adorably lame cousins in the DCU.

They save the day (but leave everybody in the middle of nowhere) and gush about finally getting to work together. Then Supergirl clowns tf out of him in front of the local interracial family. Ahh, cousins.

Logo, again!

Back at the DEO, we find out everyone’s a Superman stan except Martian Manhunter who’s more “Who told you to invite this mothafucka??” Winn goes full science nerd and Alex goes creepy fan. Clark decides to stick around for a bit to investigate Kryptonian John Doe and the Venture crash.

They head to CatCo where Clark continues to be the most awkward man in the room, Cat still wants to jump his bones, and James continues to not realize that he’s about to get curved. James, the only thing CW cares less about than healthy relationships are Black people’s feelings. You finna lose, James.

We slip into a shady warehouse with a shadowy figure testing out some murder drones and the most naive salesman ever. Dude predictably gets murked, they namedrop the Luthors, and we out. Cue:

Clark and Kara walking down the street in their civvies when Lois hits Clark with that “WYD?” call. Kara, way up in her feelings now, asks the age old question, “How can I work my 9-5, have a boo, and save all these damn people?” He pulls a classic big cousin, “Listen to your heart” and they hug it out. Y’all they really are adorable.

Back at the DEO, Alex has done her research and knows that J’onn and Superman are beefing because the DEO keeps some kryptonite on hand. Then we find out, Lena Luthor, the one everyone thought was ouchea fuckin’ shit up is really the target! *dramatic chord* Classic red herring was a red herring. Guess the CBS procedural formula made it past the geriatric network departure.

Lana hops in her chopper when old dude’s two drones pop up and open fire. Luckily there are two bulletproof heroes in National City, so Lana doesn’t get the Swiss cheese treatment. Shadows McShady announces that more drones are set to kill random civilians so Supes heads off to handle that. One family has a close call and the father suggests they go back to Gotham.

You sure about that, Bruh? Have you seen Gotham?

Kara takes a rocket to the chest and regains consciousness just in time to destroy the last drone and secure the now damaged chopper. Lena’s like WTF?? You made somebody’s list.

James finally realizes what this network move means for him and he gets Kara to confess that she’s just not that into him. Cat sends her assistant off sobbing “more than Halle Berry at award shows.” While she and Kara enjoy this elm tree shade, Cat gives Kara a real motivational read (that’s projecting more than just a bit. The lady doth protest too much.)

Turns out John Corben (oh really now??) is our assassin. Clark and J’onn have a little chat that reveals they gonna be beefin’ forevah. Lena holds her ceremony to rename her family’s company when all hell breaks loose. Explosions everywhere and the L Corp building is coming down. Supergirl and Superman rush to hold it up while Corben, dressed as a cop, hunts down Lena. Alex gives Corben the ass whuppin’ of life until she throws him right next to her gun.

Rookie move, Alex. Rookie move. Supergirl stabilizes the collapsing building (no thanks to Winn who felt now was the perfect time to flex his nerd cred Bruh WYD??) and gets to Alex and Corben just in time to see her sister become a hostage. Corben’s giving his victory speech when Lena comes through in the clutch with a through and through bullet to Corben’s chest. Nice badass ladies saving the day moment, so kudos to you CW.

Kara decides she wants to be a reporter (which Cat reveals she knew from jump), cuts James loose officially (sorry, CW gonna CW), and Clark plans to stick around for some family bonding (awwWWWW).

We end at Cadmus (gasp) where we witness the death of John Corben (double gasp) and the birth of *drum roll* Metallo (triple gasp! Although anyone familiar with DC canon knew that from the name drop).

And that’s it. See y’all next week for Supergirl: Adventures of the Corny Cousins. Roll credits!

Now into the reason many people have tuned into our girl in blue this season. Unfortunately, people’s reasoning for watching on the early hours of this season is because Superman’s scheduled to be in a few episodes and they couldn’t resist seeing what this hype was about. And hopefully,

those people quickly and regrettably realized that they shoulda been about this big cuz life long before Supes had any attachment to it.

Super Sightings
DEO conveniently revealing another undercover lair/lab/hideout that CBS apparently knew nothing about and Supergirl was kinda cute about the whole surprise hideout thing.

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