Writer: Dan Slott / Artist: Giuseppe Camuncoli / Marvel Comics

Yo, Slott isn’t wasting any time here, we jump right into the thick of the Scorpio problem this issue. The Zodiac gang are still running S.H.I.E.L.D. for their data usage like free-loading savages. Nick Fury (Jr.) appears at the Baxter Building wondering where Peter Parker is as he’s needed for the think tank to come up with a way to stop Scorpio. Spider-Man appears offering a solution he just came up with, although Fury is wary at first, as he believes Parker is the genius (not knowing they are one in the same… although Fury is thee super spy in Marvel, but whatever). The fun part of a Spider-Man adventure is his interactions with other heroes in team ups.

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We’re getting Spidey and Nick Fury (Jr.) in space as Parker’s plan is to reset S.H.I.E.L.D.’s hacked satellites manually in order to lock onto Scorpio’s location. Scopio is freaking out about it, too. He’s mad at his mans in charge Gemeni for not being able to see this shit coming when dude can see a whole day into the future. Little does Scorpio know there’s a small loophole in Gemeni’s ability. This doesn’t stop Scorpio from trying to bring the hate down on Nick and Spidey through space.

Slott does a lot to put Parker’s inventions and smarts to the test in space after his mission with Nick is complete. Slott is showing how innovative Parker is, as well as how he has people double check his work when he questions himself. We see Parker’s innovation also put him in danger, too.

Giuseppe Camuncoli is still a beast on the pens and needles. We’ve seen him capture the various landscapes and backgrounds of the international cities that Spider-Man has been running in, and now to see him in space where the details can be limited is a testament to his skill.

The true gem of this issue comes when Spidey and Nick are in the spaceship headed beyond the wild blue yonder. Again, the interactions between Spider-Man and other heroes is always a joy to read.

Screenshot 2016-03-12 11.55.12

Slott and Giuseppe are upping the ante by jumping right into the fire with Scorpio and his plan coming to fruition. The bar is set not too high yet, but just in position where you know the next installment has to bring the heat ten fold.

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