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Archer has been on a good run of late, after opening with a “decent” premier to season six. This episode went real hard in the “meh,” though. The premise is seemingly simple, Lana needs a babysitter (which is the subtext for just about every episode this season) and the age of old question of is it a good idea to leave Sterling alone with a baby, is answered. Again. Sort of. The jokes are pretty good which is standard fare for Archer, but the plot leaves a lot to be desired. Ironically, the brilliance of Archer in the previous week was for so many revelations to happen to the crew when they physically couldn’t move anywhere. The problem with this latest episode is that the plot, doesn’t go anywhere at all, even though the characters have the freedom to move to different locations.

The highlight of the episode had to be Pam going King Kong with baby A.J. until she gets to the roof and realizes there are no fighter jets for her to swat down. Sterling’s situation of having to babysit A.J. while dealing with a CIA threat would have been a pretty good plot if it didn’t end up pretty much where it started or if the outcome wasn’t so predictable.

I’m happy to see Slater (just, Slater) become a big part of the season as he’s typically hilarious whenever he appears, but outside of him, Sterling, Lana and Pam’s brief moment, the rest of the crew is pretty non-existent this episode. Well, unless you count cowering behind a desk. Not a bad episode of Archer (those seldom exist) but a letdown compared to the heights that some episodes have hit so far this season. Even though most episodes of Archer (and most comedies) tend to be standalone with a tiny thread that runs through the whole season, I’m not sure adventures in babysitting or the fact that Lana has 38 weekend events scheduled throughout the year is the most exciting one.

Mic Drops


  • “80% of accidents in the home happen behind the bar.” / “Is that true?” / “They happen in the bathroom!” / “Not in my home.”
  • “No, he’s taking his annual 3 days off. It’s usually 2, but I let him rollover one from last year.”
  • “I’ll hate crime your ass right here.”
  • “So the only thing keeping you two from murdering each other is a lack of access to firearms.” / “Works for Canada.” / “Nothing works for Canada.”
  • “Imagine as I literally, yeah, literally beat you to death that a giant hand has turned my dial from half assed, to quadruple assed.” / “Wow, that is a lot of ass.”
  • “This is exactly how Brett died.” / “Man, I wish he was still with us. He could soak up some of these bullets.”


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