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I’ma keep it 1,000, this episode wasn’t easy to get through. Will made a predication that we would get an out of commission Ollie having Laurel take the forefront as the Black Canary. I was for that as I was hoping it would make more development for Laurel and progress her character. It sounded good in theory…as we see the execution happening tho? *Bill Lumburg voice* Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.

We open up this episode of Arrow … my bad, I mean Canary with Ollie realizing the show is about to get renamed Canary so he has got to put a move on things but his ass is going NOWHERE soon. Each time he moves it looks like he is thinking about passing a kidney stone or how Laurel bout to fuck up his ratings. Maseo told him he needs to get back to Star City asap cause them shits plummeting.

Ollie: Laurel bout to mess up my ratings! MY RATINGS!!

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Meanwhile in Star City Laurel out in the means streets of Star City trying stop a meninist from attacking a woman in an alley with his reasons for being against feminism. Laurel steps in to save the day…. then proceeds to get stepped on. Sun, if this was the mean streets of Metro City in Final Fight then Laurel just got her ass whooped by punk #1 with the settings on “Now this is just too easy”. Luckily Roy was parkouring on patrol.

Roy takes Laurel back to the hideout to stitch her up and tell her she is in over her head. Her law degree ain’t enough to save her ass on these streets. Roy wasw just trying to tell Laurel she ain’t bout this life but then Diggle came in straight up on Dad mode talkin bout, “Laurel, what the hell is this mess? Oh, Oh, oh, you’a, you-you just-a big bad vigilante now huh? YOU THINK YOU GROWN?!?! You ain’t Sarah! The hood was scared of Sarah, child, ain’t nobody scared a’you.”. Yo why Diggle hit her with the straight up Adrian shut down from Rocky IV yo?

The mayor holds a meeting to discuss the apprehension of Brick where Laurel and Captain Lance are in attendance. Ray Palmer and Felicity join in, then we see Brick crash the party. My man wore a suit up in there but he still came off appearing like he wants to be Kingpin Wilson Fisk sooooooo bad.

I appreciate how he came in gunning and took hostages tho. Brick all about the power moves. He straight comes in with the Dipset anthem playing in his head, taking folk hostage and casually shooting folks. He gets away and Laurel captures a dude with the broke end of her heels. That henchmen need to be fired immediately. You got stopped by a broken heel and a right hook. Kill ya self man.

Malcolm Merlyn back on his fuck boy shit. He trying to get Thea to leave Star City with him but he isn’t telling her the why. Just that Ra’s wants him, his fam, his assets, anyone that ever gave him dap straight up dead. So its time to goooooooo. Roy been tailing Malcolm and shows up in his crib talking that SHHHHIIIIT.

Roy: Thea going to find out the truth about what you did sooner or later, about what you did and how shitty a person you really are.
Malcolm:… That fruit bowl was full when I left, how long have you been here? You ate a whole bowl of fruit? Some of that was wax fruit. You know that right?
Roy: I was already two bites in so…

Laurel is able to use her privilege, sorry, I mean her law degree, wait no, I mean the fucked up loopholes and liberties of the law, in order to get information on Brick’s whereabouts from the henchmen she stopped. Seriously this guy got stopped by Laurel man, and her high heel. He going to hang himself in the pen man. That’s the most honorable thing he could possibly do at this point.

Laurel goes back to team arrow to get another shot at Brick now that she knows where he’s transporting hostages. Laurel ain’t backing down from this, so Roy joins here and so does Diggle… wait nooo my bad he doesn’t. Diggle, the only one on the team to actually have seen war, along with have years of special forces training and is built like a he is two push ups away from coming out to a Wrestlemania match, isn’t going to go. He is going to stay and monitor the computers because that makes the most sense.

Diggle: Wait, whats good with this Windows update?

The plan goes to shit as we see Laurel and Roy arrive on the scene but fail to get Brick. Roy is able to nail him with an arrow as he escapes. Brick straight up is like, “Really? Well if we’re going to be petty about this *grabs hostage, shoots him in the head and kicks him out the back of the van* Thats on you!

Dude, Team Arrow is down in a bad way, man. Meanwhile, back at the log cabin, Oliver is trying to convince Maseo to drop out the League of Assassins and come back to Star City. We then get a Throwback Thursday to when Maseo and Oliver went to rescue Tatsu from China White. What Oliver didn’t know is that Maseo brought the actual weapon Chyna White needed to cause a shitload of destruction. Oliver’s face was lookin like Mike Meyers after Kanye dropped that “George Bush doesn’t care about black people” heater.

Oliver: Soooo you were going to tell me about this when?

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My man Maseo was like I don’t give a fuck, I want my wife back so don’t you look at me like that Oliver. Of course Amanda Waller knew Maseo would pull some shit so she switched the weapon for a fake. Luckily, Tatsu was still able to escape. In present day even after having to kill some ninjas that discovered them, Maseo is still going back to Ra’s Al Ghul.

Ollie: Dude, if Ra’s finds out you helped me, your dead.
Maseo: *cuts his neck* you fought me and escaped…
Ollie: WHOA! THE FUCK MAN!?!?! Really? All of that? Yo, just come back to Star City with me man.
Maseo: I mean… I already cut myself. I kinda can’t change plans now sooooooo.

Diggle pours one out with Roy since he basically got a dude merk’d. Laurel gets a pep talk from Felicity on why she shouldn’t give up the mask (even though she been wackness thus far). After that they all decide to take part in reviving Oliver’s crusade. I’m not even sure how this idea got brought up but Laurel impersonates Sarah over the phone to get some information on the hostages Brick has from her father. Brick wants all the police out of the glades or he starts killing hostages. Detective Lance just knows that one has a pacemaker. That is enough for Felicity to get a location…one that requires her to borrow Ray Palmer’s helicopter. Ray you’re a dope dude, but come on. When someone asks for the keys to the heli? It’s time to start asking some questions.

Team Arrow gets the drop on Brick’s men

Watching that fight through the dark was like trying to watch a show on HBO or Cinemax that you didn’t get through the squiggly lines. (Theres levels to that joke. YOU KNOW WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT).They proceed to rescue the hostages and we see Brick come out of the back busting shots. Yo, what the fuck was he doing back there this entire time? Cats were getting shot at, mad shit was getting thrown around. Was he making meatloaf or trimming a bonzai tree? The fuck were you doing man? Laurel plays a bit of Marco Polo with brick until he yokes her up. We find out that not only is he susceptible to arrows but knee shots to the groin as well. Prompting Laurel to get the fuck outta dodge.

Not going to lie… was kinda hoping she’d miss.

Thea convinces Merlyn to stay and fight Ra’s Al Ghul… she obviously doesn’t know his old man muscles done deaded Oliver. She later runs into the watered down skrillex will they won’t they boyfriend candidate. Who we then find out was working for Ra’s all along. which only furthered my intuition to NEVER TRUST AN IPOD DJ! (I’m guessing they won’t alsoooooooooo).


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  • Derrick Whittington

    I couldnt help but wonder what Diggle was thinking when Canary lands atop the van (and by lands I mean falls)

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