And you say Nanda Parbat! We down in the city of relics watching Oliver go through his induction into the League of Assassins. This guy getting the ice bucket challenge daily as his awakening in his cell. It’s during training against Ra’s with sword play that we see how far Oliver, or Al Sah-him as he is now known, has come. It’s been three weeks and he has made mad progress, so much so that it’s time to bring out the ritual to solidify his initiation. We see Diggle come out, Ra’s says he tried to rescue Al Sah-him again, Diggle says he was never let go, Al Sah-him says, “give him a sword” and they fight it out…

Diggle then turns into someone else and we learn that Oliver has been exposed to an herb that would make him face that which was holding him back or best represented their old life… Yeah, uhm alright. Forgive me if I’m a little sensitive on seeing White folk merk out a Black man without flinching. Ollie ain’t say shit about what or who he saw either. We then get to hear a tale form Ra’s about how back in the day this dude Damien Darhk, who was also supposed to be heir to the old Ra’s Al Ghul, got beat out by him. This current Ra’s didn’t kill him in their final combat and now dude got his own Lazzy pit set up and his own spin-off League of Assassins and shit. Basically dude doing mad infringement on copyrights. Ra’s don’t wanna see Al Sah-him go through that… which means he needs to go find Nyssa and handle what needs to be handled.

Felicity and Thea are at John and Lyla’s place all sad about Ollie gone. Diggle comes in from patrolling the streets. They start reminiscing about Oliver and salute his ass. Meanwhile, after getting punked by unnamed (White) thug #3, Laurel is saved by Nyssa. They go out for food and after Nyssa discovers the wonders of dipping fried food in milkshakes Laurel drops the “oh by the way, Oliver took your father’s offer to become Ra’s Al Ghul… you going to eat the rest of those fries?” Nyssa soooooo mad. Laurel catches up to her and learns that taking Ra’s’ offer means that Oliver is going to be coming to eliminate her. Laurel convinces Nyssa to take this to Team (Broken) Arrow. Felicity is doing the Michael Scott “No… no… god please, noooooo” and Diggle ain’t believing none of this mess.

Diggle like “Yo it’s only been three weeks. They done brain washed Ollie in just 3 weeks?” Someone must not have been paying attention to the opening scene. Nyssa walks away to face Ollie/Al Sah-him cause she ain’t about to cower in fear. But maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaybe she should have. Ollie/Al Sah-him descends down on Nyssa out on a random rooftop and makes short work of her. Al Sah-him using a whole new skill set to put the ass whooping on Nyssa till she gets saved by Laurel’s Canary Cry.

Why Laurel leaning forward like she just launched off a ski slope? Al Sah-him looking around like “Man, this shit is so laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaame. I don’t know none of yall. I’m gonna act brand new as fuck.” He walks off the roof like he fed up.

Al Sah-him: This shit never happens to Hawkeye.
Nyssa: Wait you saw Avengers 2 too?

Al Sah-him then plays dirty and nabs Diggle’s wife, saying he will do an exchange for Nyssa. Diggle called Nyssa out on that shit:

Diggle: How y’all assassins but stay doing the sneaky shit? The fuck part of the Ninja Gaiden series is that? Tenchu: Steal Assassin ain’t ever pulled nothing like this. The fuck? Oh, just cause you can’t lure cats away with a poison rice ball anymore you gotta abduct their family?

Nyssa: You know those video games aren’t, like… how we actually… I mean, sure, some guards are stupid enough to eat the random rice ball laying on the ground, but that’s like 20% of them tops.

Thea finds out from Felicity what Oliver has become (also that Roy is alive and waiting for her) and gets some help from Malcolm Merlyn. Merlyn talking ’bout his sources telling him Oliver running buck wild in the streets of Star City. I’m sitting there with the screw face like, Non-POC Negro, what sources you got? You read that shit in a XXL or Source mag? YOU AIN’T GOT NO SOURCES NO MORE, MERLYN. Meanwhile, Lyla is hostage with Al Sah-him giving him the uber ride of all guilt trips.

Team Broken Arrow shows up for the exchange, but since Felicity pulled rank on the pat down we see that they were ready for the double-cross. Lyla hugs Felicity and gets them twin two-piece (no swim suit) nine milli’s and lets them fucking bang our and rang out. Laurel is out here fighting two dudes at once. Go Laurel… oh… oh, you just got your ass kicked again… okay. It’s now Al Sah-him versus Diggle, and Diggle trying to get through to Al Sah-him, but Ollie was the one that rocked the Black Lives Matter cause and shirt. Al sah-him? Not so much. However, Al Sah-him is pausing before going through with killing Diggle, which provides enough time for a save from down tooooooooooown.

Al Sah-him: Who-The-Fuck-is-you-talkin-to like… know what (deep breath) ughh… Laaaaaaaaaaaaaame. *walks away*
Diggle: Wait, did Thea just save me? Ughhh Laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaame.

Al Sah-him is taking his win back at Nanda Parbat. Ra’s orders him to merk Nyssa. This shit is nothing to Al-Sah-him at this point. RA’s then stops him.

Ra’s Al Ghul: Whooooooa, okay. I see you really ’bout this life… thought it would take longer to break you seeing how you spent 5 years fighting for your life on the island and you only been here 3 weeks… are you sure you can tell time correctly?

He then unveils his plan to unite the houses by having Al Sah-him and Nyssa marry. Also, he uncovers the omega and alpha WMD that Nyssa hid from him. He wants Al Sah-him to use it to wipe Star City off the map. It’s a way of destroying your past. I mean, I think it’s a bit of overkill, but that’s just me. Folks got mortgages to worry about and now this too? Oh, congrats on the arranged marriage by the way though, Al Sah-him…



  • Omar Holmon is a content editor that is here to make .gifs, obscure references, and find the correlation between everything Black and Nerdy.

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