It’s wedding season as Oliver walks in on John and Lyla’s. Dude thought he was early (he ain’t ever early) just to realize he was late and missed the photo session (he’ll be photoshopped in). Felicity shows up with Ray and John gets his Bane “ahhhhhhhhhhh” voice on as he sees Ray. He then formally introduces himself properly.

We find out the preacher that was hired can’t make it due to being deployed, but of course Ray happens to be a certified officiant. He does a joke here and there (he moonlights as a comedian as well, apparently) before John and Lyla read their own vows which basically come down to “You good? Well alright then.” Ollie sees Laurel got a cast on with her new dress, she taking ’bout her new training partner is enthusiastic. Man, Nyssa letting that girl know how trash she really is and beatin’ it out of her. Oliver then comments on how Ray “saved the day” to Felicity and that he is just sooooooo happy for them (no he ain’t). It’s all good up until everyone sees that Black Twitter goin’ crazy on their phones as it appears that the Arrow is back on his murder music, straight up killing criminals.

At the cave they all know it’s Ra’s trying to make the city turn against Ollie so that he has to accept his offer. Ray Palmer gets on TV saying, “Yo… Arrow fucking up. Me and my resources goin’ to help bring him in. Palmer Technologies, you know what it is.” (Felicity: Oh shit, I ain’t know he was going to do that doooooe) Roy hits the streets to see what gang may get targeted next, Felicity looks for a trail, and Ollie tells Lyla and Diggle they got a plane to catch. He not letting Ra’s cock block their honey moon. Diggle and Lyla get into their limo and see Deadshot in their whip letting them know Amanda Waller damn sure will block all their fun cause they got a mission.

Amanda Waller has a Senator stuck in Kasnia under attack and being held hostage. The squad is being sent in to fix that. John says, “I’m rolling in the deep too,” then sees Cupid is on their squad as well. John looking like, “Ummm, the fuck y’all do with Bronze Tiger? I want him. And what is the appeal with bows and arrows now?” They touch down in Kasnia and see where the folks are being hidden at the base. Lyla informs Diggle they are only going to rescue the senator, not the other hostages. Diggle immediately is calls “this is fuck boy shit”. Deadshot in the back like, “OOooOoOooOOOO trouble on the honeymoon already? That’s why I don’t mess with love, homie.” John then changes the subject and gets Cupid’s opinion on the topic of love.

Why you go and open that can of worms John? That’s just fucked up (but hilarious). Threw her ass UNDER THE BUS and asked if the muffler was acting up again.

Meanwhile back up in the Quiver

Felicity isn’t any closer to finding a trace on where these fakes are operating from. Roy comes in with information about a big drug shipment being moved later tonight. It’s the perfect thing the League of Assassins would go for. Oliver has Roy sit this one out due to the League of Assassins being a level he ain’t ready for (cause Nyssa stay whooping his ass when tranq guns aren’t around). At the warehouse we see these cats moving weight in stuffed panda bears. Really? What kind of soft ass game is that? I never heard about this part of the Trap game in rap lyrics. Anyway, the fake Arrows come thru and starts putting pins (arrows) to cushions (bodies). Ollie shows up and then sees it not just one fake, it’s a fucking buffet of fake Arrows.

You know when you and your friend chose the same character and the exact same outfit (player 2’s may be slightly darker) in Mortal Kombat? That’s what this looks like. Does everybody know Ollie’s designer? Cats just walking in to Bloomingdale’s talking ’bout “Gimme that season 2 Arrow jawn” IS NOTHING SACRED IN THIS VIGILANTE GAME? Maseo comes out talkin’ ’bout “THERE IS NO TOMORROW OLLIE,” saying he has to take Ra’s’ offer, as fighting him means losing… yet again… for a third time, technically. To make matters worse, Ray Palmer does a fly-by and with his tech (although the graphics on it look like they straight outta Saints Row 2) is able to do a facial scan to see that Oliver is the Arrow.

Felicity comes into work and Ray is all, “OLIVER QUEEN IS THE ARROW! How could you?!?!”
Felicity: What? Oliver is the arrow? Whoa…. it… I mean… you think you know someone, right?
Felicity: Look, it’s been like two years since he deaded someone, he has changed.
Felicity: Ollie is… Ray are you okay?
Felicity: …God, you’re doing that thing where you get so upset that you only talk in nerd movie monologues. I’m on your side here Ray if you would just listen to m–
Felicity: Wait what was the transition to– ARghhhh! I can’t talk to you when you’re like this.

Ray talking ’bout dropping all the dimes to the cops on Ollie. Felicity goes back to tell Team Arrow how Ray knows and he’s got a super suit he built and a crusade to save the city. Oliver was more upset that another dude got a crusade to save the city than dropping that dime on him, but Roy kept it the realest:

Why Ollie get so mad tho, like “No Roy. You know what’s awesome! Arrows are awesome. They start with the letter “A” so they’re awesome. Super suits are stupid.” Ray had no luck at the precinct as Laurel Lance was law blocking him. Laurel way more dangerous with her law degree than her mask. She lookin’ at Ray like, “Oh I’m supposed to use these ‘X-Ray Pics’ you got me? Fuck that, it’s defamation, fam. I can’t use this- this- fuck is this Photoshop?” That’s when Ray put it together that Laurel is Canary. Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaan he so fed up with Team Arrow right now, looking at them all sideways like dude from Belly sayin’ to himself…

“I don’t like that shit….. I don’t like that shit”

Back over with the Suicide Squad things went from “quick mission” to ” what the fuck is this shit” as it turns out the senator staged this shit so he could be elected president. Things went wrong so now he gotta kill everybody. Deadshot saves Cupid from a bullet and gets patched by John. Cupid is feeling the fuck outta him right now tho. Shit gets even worse as now the place is rigged to fucking blow.

They devise a plan to run point on Senator Cray. The three come in as a diversion while Deadshot takes up on the roof and starts racking up the high score for number of kills in one episode. What sucks is the place is still rigged to blow and they got the one politician that ain’t afraid to go up in flames. Deadshot shoots the detonator out of homie’s hands and as the hostages are evacuated he lets the squad know there’s been a change of plans.

It should be noted we got a flashback to see how Floyd got tangled in the mercenary world, as his actions in war drove a wedge between him and his family and his talent for killing became his only saving grace. Enter H.I.V.E. then hiring him to take out Diggle’s brother. Why? That’s still yet to be answered. Floyd Lawton went out saving folks and said to Diggle, “Aye, just bury me a G”.

Oliver meets up with Ray

Oliver:Super Suit
Ray:I Prefer… The Atom.
Oliver: Whatever, still stupid. Heard you was talkin’ that shit.

Oliver can’t get it through to Ray that there is an imposter doing this. He is fed the fuck up about it, too. Back at the quiver he’s telling Felicity Ray going realize that he can’t have her and save the city. He’s too new at this to realize it. Another gang meet up comes on the police scanner and we see Roy and Arrow take off… only it’s an ambush set up by Ray. This dude got a mash up of Robocop x Person of Interest x Iron-Man goin on…

Roy gotta be thinking “What the fuck man?! I was pseudo on your side.” Ray straight up hit him with the fucking force lightning. Overkill much yo? Jesus, man. That shit ain’t even right. Ollie has to do some ducking and dodging but manages to take Ray’s super powerful military grade armor suit that he spent millions on down with one small tiny USB arrow (God forbid Ollie plugged two surge protectors into one another and used them as nunchucks. I doubt Ray’s suit woulda survived that at all).

That’s just embarrassing, man. For realsies. Oliver convinces Ray now (by not killing him) that he and Felcity were telling the truth, before walking away (meanwhile Roy is still knocked the fuck out from that force lightning… Did Ollie straight up leave his ass and realized he had to go back for him?). Felicity thanks Oliver. Diggle comes in to tell him ’bout the fuck boy shit he had to deal with (Amanda Waller burying the story and the Senator buying off the hostages’ silence, while Floyd rescued them but took the fall). Ray apologizes to Felicity. He asks her to be his partner again then goes to the Mayor to talk about how he now believes Oliver is being framed. Lance is still on his fuck-the-Arrow shit tho, Laurel is like “let that shit go,” and then an arrow gets sent through the Mayor’s heart. We pan outside to see it was from Maseo dressed up as Ollie. That boy on some fucked up shit, man. Worst part is he got one more arrow locked and loaded with Felicity in his sights. That’s League of Assassins level of non-compliant chill for you right there.

maseo mad fucked up

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