They’re Not Like us #4 Review

Writer: Eric Stephenson/ Artist: Simon Gane/ Publisher: Image Comics

Image Comics’ They’re Not Like Us was already an interesting story that was doing a good job of introducing their new universe. The first two issues doing so with some real strength being followed by the third issue looking to land on its feet. Issue number 4 shows that the series has found its footing.


Characters have developed between issues on a realistic scale. It’s apparent that Syd, the story’s protagonist, has gotten stronger and more comfortable with her surroundings but still has a lot to learn. Her housemates have gone from being distant, wary superiors to peers with slight advantages that they’re willing to share on occasion. The Voice, my favorite character of the series so far, the lovechild of Professor Charles Xavier and Mangeto when they were still friends, has gotten even more compelling. We’re starting to get a glance into just how manipulative his character is after seeing just how much control he truly has over this group. No one seems to know anything about him, including the clairvoyant Maisie.

The first couple of issues of this series about this group of rogue and vengeful psychics has gone from depending heavily on the shock value of raw violence and introduced new plot points with endless outcomes.


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