Weeeeeelp, it’s going down in the Star right now. We saw Ra’s Al Ghul play operation with Thea in real time (he was hitting all the metal sides on purpose) and Ollie comes back to discover his baby sister laid the fuck out. Ra’s is making it clear that Ollie has to play ball. He ran up on Maseo shouting like Ron Isley in the “Contagious” video. Maseo telling him the best way to help Thea is for him to join the league and use the Lazarus pit on her.

Ollie really has no other option at this point. He puts Thea on that leer jet with the whole team and meets up at Ra’s in Nanda Parbat. Yo tell me why this guy Ra’s had his whole League of Assassins out there to greet Ollie upon his arrival? What part of the game is that. Ra’s talkin bout some, “Hey man! Glad you could make it out to the ol’ time share. We got you some balloons- shaped like arrows of course, we got some Don P, Henny, we even got an arcade with Time Cop up in this mutha fucka. Shit crazy man. Oh come on, you not still mad about me stabbing your sister are you? You got to let that shit goooooo man. That’s not healthy for you dude“.

They bring in Thea and begin to submerge her into the Lazarus pit. I gotta point out that Maseo took custody of Thea saying, “I’ll treat her as if she was my own child…” Ummm… considering that his kid is dead… that… might not be the best choice of words… Anyway, Merlyn warned Ollie that the pit is going to change her and not for the better. However, he must be forgetting Oliver broke as hell now and insurance expensive as a muh fucka. So in Thea goes…

And she comes out the pit wylin like it’s last call in the club and “Flawless” just came on. Look at the total, “What the fuck is this shit” in Ollie’s eyes as she leaps. She went straight Gollum man. They had to subdue her ass with all the smelling salts and mana potions. Ra’s looking at Ollie like, “OOOOOH, YOU SEE THAT SHIT? HA-HAAA! Yeah man, woooo I remember my first time out the pit. Shit was crazy. I ate a cat man… shit was weird. Now tho I just binge watch Empire & Being Mary Jane… don’t… don’t repeat that to anyone.” Thea waking up still believing her Mom is alive and Ollie is dead so this shit just got real Monkey’s Paw.

Diggle was making Maseo feel bad about his choices in life. Saying he ain’t no real friend to Ollie but Maseo hit John with the, “You don’t know my fucking life, man.” Diggle hit him with the ill rebuttal, “My fault you right? What was your kids name again? Nice name, yeah would he be proud of you right now?!” daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn Diggle digging into mofos man.

(Flash back)
We see Ollie, Maseo & Tatsu attempt to stop the Omega virus from spreading back in the day. Yeaaaaaaah that plan didn’t work out to well. They tracked it down but the vial still broke and released. How they survived? That’s yet to be seen.

Meanwhile, Felicity gets in Ra’s face talking bout love going to conquer all. Ra’s is just like, “First of all don’t be talking to me like I’m one of your mac computers. Secondly, you better tell Ollie your feels cause I ain’t here for it and he is damn sure staying in this time share. You have any idea how much fancy soap we got? Oh he staying

Felicity goes up in Ollie’s quarters and… well the Olicity shippers have their day.


Felicity reenacted Juvenile’s Slow Motion for Ollie and when he went for that post get down drink he started feeling all the woozies. FELICITY DONE SPIKED THAT MAN’S PURPLE (WINE) DRANK! Diggle & Merlyn come in on the scene with thinking oh hell no. Felicity then uses movie logic (there’s always an escape route in these big ass castles) on Merlyin to convince him they need to drag Thea and Ollie the fuck out. They leave killing a couple ninjas and even getting help from Maseo. However, they get caught in the catacombs and Ollie wakes up and orders all the ninjas to stand down… yeah, stand down and ignore the fact that team arrow killed mike, greg, and john from accounting for their lil escape plan…

Ollie has to say goodbye to his crew and it’s all the emotions and feels. Thea wakes up back in Star city finally feeling like herself just to hear that Ollie pulling a 7 years in Tibet and staying with the League of Assassins. When Ollie goes back to Ra’s and you know Ra’s mad as hell at the bodies that got dropped on that shitty escape plan.

Ra’s:Really? I bought you all this fancy soap and ya team does this? Greg was awesome at accounting and now he dead.
Ollie: Yeah but i kept my end of the bargain soooo
Ra’s: Well I know you had help. Who the traitor?
Ollie: No clue. I was kncked out. Could be anyone. I have no idea who it cou-
Maseo: It was me

Ra’s ain’t even mad at Maseo, dude gives him the fucking respect of a Pokemon gym leader for his honesty. He saying Ollie going to need him for what comes next. We then see Ollie get branded with what appears to be an Arrow hot iron to the back that symbolizes him belonging to the League of Assassins now. Why it looked like he got branded with an arrow cursor tho?

With that we now we say good bye to Ollie and hello to the bad guy

Al Saheem
Al Saheem


  • Omar Holmon is a content editor that is here to make .gifs, obscure references, and find the correlation between everything Black and Nerdy.

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