Well its been 2 weeks since Arrow completed their second season. We figure a recap over season two (the best season) would be great. We can cover the highs and lows, plus get into what may lay in store for next season. The worry with Arrow (to me at least) in season one was that it was going to be “diet Smallville” right? Well we got the dramatics as needed but them fight scenes, them Easter eggs, and character development really made this show step into its own. Especially in Season 2, this show came out to change the game.

Lets go with the lows first starting with everybody’s favorite

(sigh) Where to begin…where to begin. The majority of Laurel this season was so much complaining. She has become to Arrow what Andrea was to The Walking Dead TV show,  annoying. It seemed no matter what they tried to give her to over come this season (drinking problem, losing job, regaining job and becoming more cut throat) it was not enough to get us interested with her.
She knows Ollie is Arrow now so maybe that will…do…something? Doubt it.
Kudos to figuring out Black Canary was her sister all along tho. Goes to show how convincing a disguise a domino mask, wig, and voice changer are in this world apparently.

Speaking of Canary:
Sarah Lance came back from the dead, Got to severe ties with the League of Assassins, made felicity feel some envy, met Ollie’s ex the huntress, and was letting us know that deep down inside she is truly a killer. We should be thanking her for the league of assassin’s Nyssa cameos tho. Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.

Roy Harper:

Remember that hitting the water training Ollie had Roy doing. That splash right there is about as much impact that Roy had in season 2. Aside from being deranged from the mirakuru drug, his GTA Rampage every so often (mirakuru had him acting up like that one co-worker in your office who finally snapped)

Harper spent 56% of season two Mia / asleep so. Better luck in season three Roy.

and last but not least Ollie:

Dude… Ollie’s plans this season ??? So embarrassing. Get Roy to break up with Thea to protect her…which ends up endangering her. Revealing that he could have cured Slade but chose to kill him instead (yeah that worked out), and then revealing his Secret Identity to eeeeeeeeeeeeevery damn body. Including Sebastian Blood who was working alongside Slade. Ollie knew Blood was behind the abduction of people and injecting them with mirakuru. Blood straight up said “Yeaaaaah but if you tell anyone that, I’m going to tell them you’re the Arrow. Ha, bet you wish you ain’t tell me that now don’t you. So how’s your mom by the way?”.
Ollie failed this city badly this season.

The Highs:
Slade Wilson has to be MVP for Season 2 of Arrow. Whenever he had screen time you knew it was going down.

HE EVEN PUTS ON HIS MASK COOL!! Slade did the most this season, put Sebastion blood as a candidate for mayor, infiltrated Ollie’s home fooling the Queen family (except Ollie), dealing out Mirakuru to create super soldiers like he was selling hot nicks on the wire, then to top it all off he straight Gave Moria Queen the chrome

Maaaaaaaaaaaaaan, thats Ric Flair dirtiest player in the game shit. Ollie was down in self mourning too about this instead of getting on his shit for revenge. He had him beat mentally and physically beat. Of course Ollie gets his nerve and we get a great final fight. The fight coincides with flashbacks to their fight on the Island. Now when Ollie was saying he beat Slade before on the island this was a major EXAGGERATION. All he did was switch sides with Slade as debris fell from the ceiling. Slade was trapped under debris… Ollie didn’t beat Slade back then, the ship did. You qualify that as defeating Slade Ollie?

Bonus Round
The best part of this season had to be the guest posts. I’m talking suicide Squad

Such a good episode and such a great look into the world Amanda Waller runs
and how we’ll be seeing more of her and how she runs shit in Season 3 evidently.

I’m also talking Barry Allen:

The speed god. We’ve seen the seeds planted for the Flash through Barry’s appearance. We’re also going to be giving a look into the metahumans popping up. Arrow has really set out to expand the universe and they are doing just that with this spin-off.
We’re even going to see Arrow make some appearances to give Barry some advice.

I really want to know if that flip off the roof was necessary. Seriously who leaves a conversation like that? “You may be able to run at light speed…how cool can you exit a convo bro?” So in all those were the bad and the good of Arrow Season 2.

Now lets prepare for season 3 where hopefully


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