The heir to the demon that was season 3 dropped its trailer at Dragon Con yesterday, but did it spit dragon fire?

It starts off with Oliver saying “The Arrow is dead,” as they waste a little time showing us the Oliver/Felicity fantasy life. They have a beautiful dream home, Ollie jogs through an idealistic neighborhood, and Felicity stirs dinner for him while reading the cookbook. I don’t know if this is a season opener or a Twilight Zone episode. In any case, it’s largely unnecessary as we know that Oliver is going back to his old life.

Oliver Smiling

So let’s fast-forward. The mythology deepens a bit more here with a name change for Starling city, now renamed Star City (as it’s known in the comics) in honor of Ray Palmer, believed to be killed in a blast last season. If you know like I know, you won’t be pouring any out for Ray Ray just yet.

Ray Ray

We quickly transition to masks on a motorcycle, Black Canary and Speedy racing towards gunfire, the latter shouting, “This is so cool!” Really, Thea? You just came back from the dead!

Masks on Motorcycle

Diggle and that much maligned helmet make their live action appearance for season four. That thing doesn’t sit well with me OR his head. It’s ill fitting and the framing makes his eyes look off center. The consolation, however, is David Ramsey in this leather top.

Bad HelmutRamsey Leather

Laurel confesses to Oliver that the remaining heroes need him, the threat they’ve been facing is highly organized and nothing that they face before so naturally just when Ollie thought he was out, they pull him back in. And Felicity, too!


She unveils a new glass box with a new Arrow costume as Oliver looks on. Next we see Arrow back in action and the squad together with Oliver on a monitor in the background. There are glances at more action as Diggs helmet is actually framed nicely but only manages to look like Magneto’s old helmet with an “X” emblazoned on it (though I’m sure that’s just the lighting… right?). In any case, a few flashes later Digg gets knocked out by Papa Lance. WHERE WAS YOUR HELMET THEN, DIGG?! WHERE WAS YOUR HELMET?

X HelmetNo Helmet

We get a look at John Constantine’s appearance this season, kindly putting out a cigarette before beginning any resurrections. There are flashes of Nyssa, Malcolm, and what could be the Felicity first meeting Curtis Holt, the man who will become Mr. Terrific. Right after that, Felicity is doing damage firing blindly with assault rifle. Maybe she’s trying to defend herself against the same new threat that has Laurel spoke of, perhaps one that has Papa Lance cornered in the police station.

Felicity FireLance Hands Up

I’m almost sure the man responsible for one of those altercations is Damien Darhk, the new-new big bad. He sports a well cut black suit and draws a distinction between himself and an upcoming villain, stating “I respect order and discipline. All you represent is anarchy.” Sounds like Damien might be giving this agent of chaos the alias he’ll go by this year.

Darhk Man

Because this is a sci-fi show it was only a matter of time until it employed the talents of Jeri Ryan, everyone’s favorite Borg from Star Trek (sorry Hugh). Here she’s running for mayor, and an old friend of Moira Queen.

Diggle tells Oliver that “Even when we’re out there, we are not out there together,” and Felicity shouts that the two almost got killed because they didn’t have each other’s back in the field. Digg is definitely having a hard time moving past Oliver’s actions last season, and I think Oliver mainly has a problem with Diggs new helmet.

Looking at HelmetLooking at Oliver

Curtis Holt pops back up again, catching a T-Sphere that Felicity playfully throws in the air. T-Sphere’s can do everything from project holograms to explode on impact. Nothing to handle lightly, like how the writers seem to be handling Holt himself. He delivers a couple of “comedic” lines that miss their marks with me.

T Sphere

Team Arrow breaks through EVEN MORE glass this year as shots of action wiz by before holding a shot of the Risen Sara, looking very Goldie Hawn in Death Becomes Her. We hear Damien echo Oliver’s words from the start of the trailer. “The Arrow died,” he says. “Who are you?” Instead of says “Green Arrow,” like a badass, Ollie opts to respond like Damien asked “That thang got a Hemi?”

“You’re about to find out,” he says before loosing dem bows and the trailer cuts to black.

We’ll find out what’s next for the Team Arrow when the series returns October 7th.

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