Banshee Recap: Even God Doesn’t Know What To Make Of You

We’re back in Banshee aka “No Chill City” with no Chayton Little Stone. You’d think shit is all good in the field now. NOOOOOOOOOOPE. Keep in mind Hood almost cost Job his life back when they were robbing the base. Visions of his long gone Bae Siobhan distracting him on the job has now strained their friendship. This ain’t something an apology can fix either. I mean Hood does apologize but it probably woulda been better if he was looking at Job while he did it. My man almost got GOT because you were reenacting some Ghostbusters shit in your head and you gonna do the cool pose looking away while saying “sorry”? Yeah? … okay.

Hood is back at work in the office with the 1,000 yard stare looking out into the ether. He probably thinking about how he blew Chayton Littlestone’s head off in broad fucking daylight down in New Orleans and it’s kinda messed up how law enforcement handled that. Meanwhile Rebecca comes in talking about the the Black Beards gang that went and took Proctor (they took his ass at his mama’s burial.. that’s the definition of gangsta shit) and she needs help getting him back. Hood looks at her with the “confused” face like “Fuck you want me to do? That sounds like some personal shit that don’t involve my ass. Sooooooo I’ma get back to watching Barefoot Contessa… Bye.”

Rebeca runs into Brock outside and tells him the deal. Brock comes in telling Hood they gotta move on Proctor cause his ex-wife with him.

Hood: The Fuck?
Brock: Yeah, I know. We got to find Proctor Hood.
Hood:… She and Proctor tho?
Brock: Hood can you please-
Hood: That shit is laaaaaaaaaame. The fuuuuuuuck man? When Kai Proctor pulls a “Mr. Steal Your Girl” on you…ugh… How do you wake up in the morning?
Brock: Are you going to help me or not? ….Screaming. You wake up in the morning screaming. A bit of crying as well. I… don’t wanna talk about it.

Hood calls up Job for a favor on how to find Proctor. Job informs him this is the last time he will help him. That’s gotta suck right? That’s like wasting a wish with a genie isn’t it?

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We get a quick flashback to how Job and Hood met. Hood was sent to kill him by their employer but Job informed him the same would happen to him. Hood went rogue with Job and that’s how they became amigos man. We also find out Job is the one that made it able for “Hood” to be a ghost in the first place. As well as the first person to know his true name.

Meanwhile Proctor been getting his ass beat by muscle of the Black Beard gang… but not without getting in a few shots of his own after talking that shit under his breath.

Frazier (the blind leader of the Black Beards) comes out to tell Kai that he crazy for that shit, but he even more crazy for selling to his competition when they had an agreement not to (keep in mind Rebecca was doing this unbeknownst to Kai). Kai tried to bargain with Frazier but he wasn’t having it. I don’t know why Kai ain’t tell dude the truth but he fucking owned that shit because at this point his only option was death. Proctor said, “Fuck it. I’ma kill you. Ya moms, ya pops, the post man, the fucking dude that rotates your tires at Jiffy Lube and whoever the fuck the cashier was that happened to hand you that McFlurry at McDonalds two years ago on October 10th.”

In comes Hood to save the day. Frazier draws guns on him but Hood walks straight up to him sayin, “Dude, I don’t even give a fuck what’s going on here. I just want my man’s ex-wife. I ain’t see shit. No pun intended… cause you’re blind. Actually, pun intended because I don’t want to not make fun of you because of your disability, that wouldn’t be very inclusive. I made a couple fat jokes on an obese dude a few episodes back. I’m trying to better myself… not really. I feel like I made this weird. I’ma go with the woman. Soooooo have fun.” Hood straight up left Proctor there, man. Proctor was looking at Hood like he was the most “Not Shit” mutha fucka walking the Earth. Hood ain’t even make eye contact with Proctor. He walked past him tied up in the chair while flipping him off and looking straight ahead. Kai kept cool but you know damn well in his head he was like

We see Deva get arrested by Bill Raven for being on some rebellious teen loser shit. Her dad leaves her in the jail cause to keep it plain and simple…she gon’ learn today. We then see some back story on Bunker as he sits in a coffee shop with Brock.

Bunker then proceeds to beat up some Nazi mofos at his old stomping grounds. Apparently he is looking for his brother. You know there is going to be some hell to pay for this shit. Them cats coming back to revoke all of his white privilege, man.

Bunker Solidifying His Ally Shit Now

Rebecca and Clayton followed Hood and see him leaving without Proctor.

Rebecca: Really? You left him?
Clayton: *takes glasses off* I like that song (goes in after Kai)

Meanwhile Frazier gave dudes the green light to kill Kai… and he takes them all down as soon as Frazier leaves. He takes everybody down with his hands zip-tied. The fuck kinda security detail we hiring over here, Frazier? They were going to burn Kai alive, my man takes the gas case and starts singing that Daddy Yankee “Gasolina” as he pours it over them, takes the match and announces to Rebecca and Clayton he back off his soft season shit. He thought God was calling him… but it wasn’t God (it was Kanye West telling him to stop being a punk).

The General’s hacker done went and got lucky on some nerd tech shit and found a trace of Job. Job name might not even be Job, apparently he is the fucking Neo of the hacking game. They get their mug shots off the fake ID’s they made way back to get into the building to get some components they needed for the job. The general ambushes Sugar, the hacker gets Job (fan boying all the while) and Carrie is the last to be got.

Sun, they put the lights on her ass like it was the green turtle shell form Mario Kart. You know damn well you done fucked up and pissed the wrong people off when the snipers aren’t putting red dots on you, but green dots. They fucking custom coated that shit just for you. They only bring the green light out for special occasions and shit. The general starts interrogating Carrie trying to get the name of the last accomplice but you know she ain’t giving it up. Meanwhile Hood is in Sugar’s place seeing traces of military bullets left behind when Sugar was attacked. Gordon comes in (mad that Hood let Deva out of jail. He was teaching her a lesson) pissed and sees the slug Hood and immediately says, “What the fuck did y’all do now?”.

We got the season finale right around the way and it is going down in Chill City… shit is tense right now. So let’s enjoy one more live tweet from the crew doing some good natured roasting on Job from the flashback scene.

via Ivyarchive (tumblr)

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