Banshee: Truths Other Than the Ones You Tell Yourself

Season 4 / Episode 7 / Cinemax

We’re back in Banshee and I seriously need to know the cost of living in this town. A damn army went to Carrie’s house on Haunted Hopewell Estate and filled the whole block full of lead. Everybody got killed, and everybody in town acting like it’s a normal day at the farmer’s market. Well let’s be clear, almost everyone got killed. Turncoat Ex-Deputy Cruz made it out alive. She is home trying to shower off the L Carrie gave her last episode. She trying to Irish Springs the shame away then turns around to see Clay Burton in the shower with her. WHY IS THIS GUY SO FUCKING CREEPTASTIC?! This scene would have only been better if he was in there with a fucking poncho to prevent his suit from getting wet. Oh and he killed Cruz by the way… saw that shit coming.

We join Carrie talking to her shrink about fucking things up. This guy puts the pad and pen down and tells Carrie to speak from her chest off the record. They saying the most without saying the most, ya dig? Carrie is upset at herself for putting the kids in danger but the shrink is like, “Aye. I’m actually tryig to help you and speaking as a father. You better finish whatever shit you gotta finish. Fuck the ‘I tried’ shit. See this muh fucka through.” Real rap raw therapist in the fucking building. Cut to Proctor and Clay coming upon one of their trucks having been ransacked by the neo-nazis. One dude is alive with a fucking swastika and Proctor talkin’ ’bout, “You let them take my drugs?” Judging by the amount of blood loss, I’m pretty sure he didn’t “let” them do anything. Proctor then starts beating dude’s ass. I’m wondering if there is a clause when you sign up for being a henchmen for Proctor where even an act of God can take place and he will still blame and beat your ass.

Screenshot 2016-05-15 18.01.10

Hood and Brock are back at Veronica’s place and realize by the voicemail she done had some shit happen to her. The only lead they have to go on is Winona’s phone (the woman that set herself on fire). It was damaged but thankfully she had called Declan Bodie and they can lock on a location. Which means we are stopping by the tech gawd Job. Job is at Sugar’s getting back into the routine of annoying one another. Job gives them an address and just like that the buddy cops are back. They reach the house and shit is abandoned. Oh they got in by Hood kicking down the door because fuck a warrant. This is America, fuck you going to do with a warrant? (Ameeeeeerica! Fuck yeah!) They find Veronica’s car in the garage and Brock notices some anesthesia laying around….then Hood noticed Brock laying around. Laid out. Somebody got the drop on’em. Hood is looking around like, “I can’t go out like that. I can’t go OOOOHGODIGOTKNOCKEDOUTFROMBEHINDIAMGOINGOUTLIKETHAT. *fade to black*

Veronica been chillin’ with Declan the serial killer this entire time. She almost escaped but got tied to the table. She acting like she watched an Exorcist marathon before arriving on the scene since she isn’t scared of a damn thing. She profiling Declan too….I mean its also kinda hard not to profile him as his name is Declan. That tells me all I need to know. I’m not dissing the name Declan I’m just saying this guy is an anomaly because you can’t be a killer named Declan. Veronica reading this dude like,

Veronica: Lemme guess, I bet you don’t flush or wash you hands when you use public bathrooms.
Declan: …
Veronica: I bet you the type of muhfucka that has sex, pants on, through the zipper.
Declan: …If I give you whiskey will you stop talking?
Veronica: You the type of guy that has to take a dump but make sure the living room is clean before you go relieve you-…. did you say whiskey?

Back on the Drug side of things The neo-nazis come home on some bro shit and see the god of accounting Clay Burton waiting for them. Clay is mad polite saying that it seems they took Proctor’s drugs. Proctor just wants them back. The stone faced god showing these cats kindness and they out here making fun of his glasses… Clay proceeds to take them off then beat everyone single nazi’s ass in that room. First off there were like 9 dudes in the room and Clay started the fight by standing, grabbing the chair he was sitting on and then breaking it over the dude in front of him.


I’m sorry but if you’re THAT slow to not see THAT coming…you deserve to get killed by a man in a bow-tie. Proctor had to go down to DC to call in a favor with some politician figure. This politician looks shook as fuck cause the buyer they supposed to be dealing to, Emilio, is scary as fuck. Wait till they realize that Carrie is onto them because she fucking interrogated the DA. She was choking dude to get info, she coulda gave his guy an atomic wedgie and gotten even more info from him.

Now we cut to Calvin in at his Corporate America day job. He calling Maggie and leaving threatening messages, then he does that thing white folk do when they get so upset that they talk to themselves in the mirror before flying off the rails. Yo, his boss sees this go down and is like… “Calvin?” Duuuuude! Why would you doooo that? I see a dude talkin’ to himself in the mirror I walk the fuck back out the door, don’t bring any attention to yourself. That’s like waking a sleep walker… accept in this case its a semi awake racist. Calvin then spots this dude, takes off his shirt to reveal all his Nazi tats, and takes out all his rage in beating this dude’s ass down. I’m talkin’ hate crime meets “you made me work on Saturdays” ass beating. You don’t know where one stops and the other begins. Then Calvin just waltzed out the office with his boss’ blood all over him and shirtless. Everyone in the office was like, “oh my gawd? what? Oh my god” and the one black woman (off screen) saw him go and said,”Mmmm hmmm told you that white boy was racist. I knew it when he didn’t bring a dish to the potluck.”

Screenshot 2016-05-15 18.11.32

Back at the saw basement, Hood begins to come to. He’s talking with Brock and trying to break the links of the handcuffs. Brock realizes they’re probably going to die and starts that confess your sins bullshit. He asks Hood who he is, who he really is.

Hood: We’re not about to do this bullshit. I’m not getting into thi–I’M NOT LUCAS HOOD! I’m an infiltrator. I’m a ghost, art, credit scores, cars, the last Ice cream sandwich, I can steal anything. I’m good at it. I got out of jail and had nothing, Hood died in front of me and I took over his life. I became a cop… I liked it. It felt right. And not one of those fucking All Lives Matter or Blue Lives Matter cops, fuck that shit. I’m talkin’ prison reform seeking, trying to flush out the oppression and inherent racism type of cops, man. The kind that doesn’t need a fucking gold star for doing what the fuck he was supposed to be doing. and I liked it… I enjoyed it.

Screenshot 2016-05-15 18.26.30

Brock:When you said you take the last ice cream sandwich, would you leave the box in the freezer or throw it out?
Hood: I’d leave the box in there yea-
Brock: YOU SON OF A BITCH! I TRUSTED YOU! WE ALL TRUSTED YOU! IT ALL MAKES SENSE NOW! IT ALL COMES TOGETHER NOW! I KNEW IT! I FUCKING KNEW IT! WHAT TYPE OF ASSHOLE DOESN’T THROW OUT THE BOX?! Tell me what you’re real name is. I bet it’s fucking Keith! Not throwing out the box after you take the last ice cream bar is something a Keith would do. FUCK YOU, KEITH!

They are then interrupted by Declan and his assistant… the doctor that Hood and Veronica were interrogating before hand. Dude, we’ve never seen Hood get snuck up on let alone someone else getting the drop on him to this extent. Basically the watered down version is House knocked his ass out. That’s a damn L I could not allow myself to live with. Declan leaves and the Doc starts talkin’ shit and saying he is going to make some appearance changes to these cats, he tries to stick Brock with a needle and gets kicked over to where Hood then (no lie) trips him up and crushes him to death with his thighs. Now you could say it was a variation of leg scissors across the docs throat… but me? I’m saying he crushed that man with his thighs, yo.

Brock:…Did you use to be a stripper?
Hood: For a time.
Brock:… What was your stripper name?

Hood and Brock break into the cult party just in time before Declan can kill Veronica. The whole cult tries to fight Brock and Hood but they so trash. Declan doesn’t even put up a fight, yo. This guy goes spread eagle and is like take me away, nothing you do can hurt OOH YOU’RE GOOD, YOU JUST NANCY KARIGAN’D ME KNEE! OH BUT SATAN WON’T ALLOW ME TO BE HUR-” *repeated shots to the face with a lead pipe by Hood*. Man, Hood was taking the pipe to dude’s head like he was a superintendent and heard there was a leak. Veronica calls Hood off and then proceeds to shoot a fucking hot nick through Declan’s head. The funniest part about this dude getting got is how Proctor comes in, and looks at Hood, “…is this the guy that killed my niece? Yeah? …Okay. Good job. Could you tell you my wife to stop being mean to me and ruining my shit… and middle finger response. Okay good talk.”

Now that we’ve solved the issue of the murder mystery, there’s still one thing left to settle as we see Leroy (dude that screwed Job over) entering his home, and sitting down to his 6 monitor desktop. Lemme just say, that you only need like 4 screens if you doing a really work heavy job… when you got 6 monitors, you just watching porn in surround sound. I can’t be convinced other wise. He realizes his password was changed and that Job is behind him with a gun on him. Job taking his sweet time too, talking about aaaaaaall the things he wanted to do to get his revenge.


Job decided the best thing to do wasn’t to kill Leroy but to kill himself. He hacked Leroy so that the world believes him to be Job, and he made it public. Meaning all the countries and governments Job screwed over would come looking for Leroy. It was the perfect muhfucking revenge. JOB GOT HIS SWAGGER AND HIS FIREWALL BACK, PEOPLE!

We only got one more episode left which is the series finale of Banshee. We all know there’s only one way this show can end and that’s with a shitload of blood, bullets, and bad but hard ass hell decisions.

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