Supergirl to Join Arrow, Flash on The CW Network

There was this sense of disbelief when CBS announced their renewed shows and Supergirl was absent from the list. Even more perplexing was why it wasn’t on the cancelled shows list. Da fuq? Supergirl posted good ratings. Not stellar, knock-out-the-park numbers, but certainly good enough for a renewal. They gained a rabid fan base that could rally behind the only big name super-powered female hero on network television. They even threw out all conventional wisdom and did a crossover episode on CBS with The Flash which airs on The CW. They straight up merged shows and networks to make this happen. I don’t know how much you know about producing a TV show, but working with two different sets of networks, production crews, writers, SFX and CGI artists ain’t easy. But they pulled it off and it looked top notch.

Supergirl Flash

Guess that’s why they’ve recently announced that Supergirl is now heading to The CW network and will begin shooting in Vancouver like the other shows in the Arrowverse. No word on how integrated Supergirl will become, but one can only assume they gon’ be popping up on each others shows once or twice a season considering they crossed over when shorty was on CBS.

This move should excite most fans of Supergirl, Arrow, and The Flash as it provides the slightest bit of hype for a television version of The Justice League. They already have a Kryptonian, a Flash, a Green guy, and a Martian… all they need is a Dark Knight, an Aquarius and another wonderful woman. Who knows, crazier things have happened.

"Myriad" -- Kara (Melissa Benoist, pictured) must find a way to free her friends when Non and Indigo use mind control to turn National City's citizens into their own army, on SUPERGIRL, Monday, April 11 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Photo: Cliff Lipson/CBS ©2016 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Supergirl finished off their season with much to be gassed about. Much more exciting storylines and action sequences compared to the first half when they were still figuring out the direction of the show. The special effects and fighting sequences were always the backbone of the show. When I make that statement I’m not giving the show more props than it deserves, Supergirl and her team put the Joe Jackson beats on cats all season and the team behind the show made it look good. I’m talking movie-effects good. The hand-to-hand game was beast, too. Martian Manhunter came in and flipped the show on its head. Superman made a few “appearances” through a bunch of (eventually hilarious) AIM exchanges and texts with Supergirl. Now toss in a few appearances from Barry and a potential love interest in Oliver Queen (don’t front, you know it’s goin’ down) and you got yourself a recipe for success for the new girl on the block.


If you’re interested in checking out some more info on Clark Kent’s cousin, check out some of our previous Supergirl coverage and recaps here.

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