Batman can get pretty dark sometimes. I remember when he use to actually kill people until they changed his character and made him take a “no killing” commitment. What surprised me is that the other games are rated T (for Teen) and this game is rated M (for Mature). Rocksteady has said that only some of the scenes resulted in the game’s rating. Sefton Hill, the founder of Rocksteady and game director on Arkham Knight, stated:

“As the end of the trilogy, we have every villain in Gotham working together to destroy Batman. It’s unavoidable that some bad stuff is going to happen. But that doesn’t mean we changed our approach. We’re not including gratuitous blood or swearing. We want to deliver a true end with no compromises, and it takes us to some dark places.”


Batman: Arkham Knight contains: “blood, language, suggestive themes and violence.” Rocksteady touched on the fact that having an M rating could possibly stop their younger fans from getting the game. To be honest, younger players don’t pay attention to game ratings anymore. You’ve got 14-year-olds playing GTA nowadays. I highly doubt that Rocksteady’s fan base of younger gamers will decrease due to the rating of this game. I really like how they included all the villains to go after Batman. Things are bound to get serious with all of them involved. I’m really looking forward to this game coming out. Check out the trailer. You won’t be disappointed.


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  • Matt

    Batman tells Robin that “we never kill with weapons of any kind” in Batman #4, way back in 1940. There have definitely been portrayals of the character across different media where he has killed, but they’ve never been normative.

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