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Season: 5 / Episode: 15 / AMC

This week’s episode of AMC’s The Walking Dead, entitled “Try,” is the last episode before the season 5 finale. Doing its job, this episode was filled with tension that left the portion of America that lives for weekly carnage and dismembering wanting more. Fitting it’s title, this episode focused on character’s attempts, many of those failed, to cope with their present challenges.

The episode opens up with Deanna and her family mourning the loss of Aidan during the last run by playing one of his mix CD’s. With good intentions, Carol leave a pot of casserole at their door with a note expressing her condolences. Deanne burns the note, symbolizing a change in her demeanor. Deanna later watches a video of Nicholas telling a fictitious story about what happened on the last run, while Glenn tells Rick what truly happened. Glenn then pleads with Rick to make life in Alexandria work, for Noah’s sake. Rick walks off to talk to Carol about what should be the next step with Pete, Jessie’s abusive husband.

Michonne wakes up the next morning and goes out with Tara to look for Sasha, who’s acting strangely and is apparently out hunting walkers as a sort of coping mechanism. While looking for Sasha, Michonne admits that she’s let her guard down recently and isn’t truly comfortable. When they catch up to Sasha, she’s single-handedly attempting to take out a group of walkers until she runs out of ammunition. After experiencing flashbacks of her own past, Michonne joins in, followed by Tara. As Sasha is on the verge of being killed by a walker, Michonne helps, much to Sasha’s disagreement. This is when Sasha lashes out and admits that she’s helpless after the loss of both her brother and lover, within days of each other, and admits that she told the recently deceased Noah that he wouldn’t survive long.

Rick goes to Deanna as she looks at her sons grave site and informs her that Pete is abusing Jessie. Deanna confesses that she had already known and did nothing in hopes that it would fix itself given that he was the town’s surgeon and plays an important role. Rick then goes to talk to Jessie, who initially tells him to leave the situation alone. Rick attempts to do so, but goes back inside to plead with Jessie to let him intervene. After confessing that he wouldn’t care this much for anyone else, Jessie gives him permission. As Pete walks in, he confronts Rick in rage and the two begin to fight. Rick throws Pete out of a window and the fight carries over to the street, where everyone runs to witness.

Jessie attempts to pull Pete off, but he hits her. When Carl tries to do the same with Rick, he pushes him away. Gaining the advantage, Rick gets Pete into a chokehold and lets him know that he’ll kill him if he touches Jessie or her sons again. Deanna then tells him to stop which sends Rick into a speech where he tells them that the locals of Alexandria don’t truly know how to live in this new world. Before he can continue his speech, Michonne knocks him out cold.

Elsewhere, Aaron and Daryl are out looking for new recruits and come across more walkers than usual and find a pile of dismembered body parts. They follow a trail to find the body of a naked woman tied to a tree with her abdomen ripped open by walkers. As she starts to reanimate as a walker, they notice a “W” carved into her forehead before killing her.

Glenn confronts Nicholas and let him know that all of the deaths on the last run were on him and that he shouldn’t leave the walls of Alexandria again because people like him get others killed. Carl also followed Edin into the woods where they bonded by expressing that they’re not like the other children and have become products of their new word that feel the most comfortable in the woods. The hide together in a hollowed out tree as a herd of walkers walked by.


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