Batman Eternal #36 Review

script: James Tynion IV / artist: Fernando Blanco

Batman Eternal has been kicking ass and taking names lately. This is everything you should want out of weekly escapades in Gotham. It’s been at its strongest when it’s a fast paced head first dive into equal parts danger and mystery. This week, the excitement continues.

James Tynion IV’s still on scripting duty for this week. When we left our hero, Corrupt As Fuck Commissioner Jason Bard coerced Lucius Fox to set Batman up and leave him trapped in a runaway Batmobile. Meanwhile, Vicki Vale takes a field trip to Commissioner Bard’s hometown to get the lowdown on what turned him into such an enigmatic entity. Oh, and we get a small revisit with the Bat-family’s latest addition, Harper Row aka Bluebird. Considering Tynion’s style, the Bard backstory could have been way more visceral and bizarre than it turned out to be.

As a result, the immediacy and excitement in the resolution to Batman’s vehicular nightmare ended up being the real highlight in addition to learning that even as one chapter in the Eternal saga closes, Gotham’s troubles are only beginning. Art-wise, I’m happy to report that Fernando Blanco has improved since last week’s issue. It’s a lot less sketchy and a great deal cleaner and faces are more emotionally resonant.

Bottom Line: Another well balanced chapter in the second best Batman book DC has to offer. 8 out 10


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