Batman Eternal #38 Review

script: Tim Seely / artist: Andrea Mutti

Batman Eternal has evolved into a truly engaging book with a somewhat impressive carousel of creative talent. It took some time to find its footing but it seems like it’s gotten to a comfortable place. But has it gotten too comfortable?

It’s Tim Seeley’s turn at bat on scripting this week. Issue 38 follows along as Batman takes a field trip to Willowwood Home for Children in hot pursuit of the Scarecrow and his unlikely alliance of supervillains escaped from the smoking crater formerly known as Arkham Asylum. Meanwhile, Jim Gordon has some brief sharing time with Catwoman’s father during his time in the slammer at Blackgate. And Commissioner Jason “I Didn’t Think This Crooked Cop Shit All The Way Through” Bard takes some time out to go to “confession.” The pagetime Bard’s given feels a bit rushed and abbreviated for such a pivotal moment of real character development.

However, the infighting amongst the villains and Batman shutting down a few notable villains on limited resources makes for great reading, so you definitely get your three bucks worth. Andrea Mutti’s visuals are getting stronger. They’re not unsightly or anything, but they’re still not quite top notch like they should be. The action beats look great, but the moments of exposition still need a lot of work and there are so many in this issue. All in all, the book is still holding tight as one of the three best Bat-titles DC comics has right now.

Bottom Line: Decent plotline this week with slightly above average visuals….still solid. Hopefully, the art picks up again next week. 7.5 out of 10


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