Bitch Planet #9 Review

Writer: Kelly Sue DeConnick / Artist: Valentine Delandro / Image Comics

This latest issue of Bitch Planet dropped a bit before before Election Day and….I have no long drawn out speech or lecture for you in regards to the state of our country or why you should vote or who you should vote for. I only ask you to consider which candidates, if elected, would make the events of Bitch Planet an actual reality based on what they have said and done during this awful election period.

Truly my feelings about the election and etc before reading this issue:

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There’s SO MUCH happening this issue. SPOILER ALERT there’s a prison riot in this issue. But are you really surprised? Are you? There’s been riots and rallies and unease happening all around the country (and world if you want to go there) for different reasons. There are fists flying and blood. There is sisterhood and coming together. There is not just one instance of toppling the patriarchy here. There’s no Jimmy Kimmel around to jokingly question if it will affect him. There’s a chain of events that keep spreading that show us the mindset of the prison: it’s not just a place of prisoners and captors. It’s not just a place where “reform” is supposed to happen. In most cases prisons just become places to survive. (Also it can be a mindset that folks take with them when they leave prison too, just fyi.)

But ironically, this prison, this planet prison colony is not just a place of rage and fear. In the later pages, it shapes up to a place of connecting, a place of hope, a place to find what you were looking for–there’s even sisters who reunite and people placing trust in each other. A long waited leader steps forward and I’m thinking a revolution starts here amidst all the civil unrest going on.

Look, I’ve been trying to mentally prepare myself  for whatever happens next week RE: Voting Day. Prepare myself as a Black person, as a woman, as someone who has friends and family who identify on the LGBTQIA spectrum whom I love dearly…My head has been an absolute mess.

I have to tell you that reading this issue of Bitch Planet has helped and aided in bringing me some calm. We’re not alone in this fight and there’s more of us here, waiting for the next person next to us to realize that and so on and so on. Read this issue.

I can’t guarantee that it will give you hope…but I can can say it will inspire you on how these folks find themselves and join together and if that’s what we all need about now…Also since BP doesn’t come out as often as other books, this issue right here is a great reminder how just why this book is on your pull list/reading list. And for all those who aren’t sure if they want to be non-compliant or those who don’t want to add to your pull list—here’s your affirmation to do so and join the rest of us.

10 Worlds to Reclaim out of 10

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