BNP At Home Recommends: Kingdom Come

Writers: Mark Waid and Alex Ross / Artist: Alex Ross / DC Comics

Rona got you stuck at home? No new comics to help you escape? Don’t worry, BNP got you. There’s a whole bunch of books out there that you might have missed over the years, and it’s our job to help bring those to your attention. 

One such book that you absolutely need to read, if you haven’t, is Kingdom Come. It’s a book that I’ve loved for a long time and honestly, I feel like rereading it again right now. It’s an Elseworlds book which means the events within the story stand alone and don’t affect the main canon in any way. But because of that, it’s able to swing for the fences.

Kingdom Come takes place in the future. At its heart, the story is about an aging generation unable to reconcile with how the younger generation is handling things. Sound familiar? It’s something we’re going through right now with Boomers and Millennials. 

The conflict of the story is that this younger generation doesn’t just do things their own way, they’re careless and irresponsible. So the older heroes have to band together again and try and teach these youngin’s what’s up once and for all. 

The younger heroes are a healthy mix of new characters and legacy ones, some of which are related to the OG’s, so no matter where you lie on the new character line, you’re bound to be happy regardless. 

Among some of my favorite things about the story is a Superman whose a little stockier and a little grayer, but otherwise more or less the same (That reliable Kryptonian blood), Red Robin, Robotman (formerly Cyborg) and a Batman who just won’t sit down. 

Also, Alex Ross’ art is absolutely incredible. My guy painted (PAINTED) every single panel up in this thing. Shoutout to a true goat. If you don’t want to read the story, you should just look at it for a few hours. The art is insane.

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