We are here to bring you some macabre and bizarre treats this scary season! With the pandemic, we want you to have the safest and funnest Halloween possible. So enjoy those horror films cozying up with your loved ones, live streams of Among Us, and reading some terrifying tales by flashlight underneath your covers! We also have a list of just a few Halloweenie cosplays that will hopefully inspire you to be your most ghoul-iest self.


King Kistu is kicking some serious ass with his Among Us cosplay. This is a look that will bring you nightmares for years.


LA CATRINA AMIDALA ✨✨✨ Okay, this is an INCREDIBLY BEAUTIFUL take on a tragic Star Wars character. Just a wonderful ode!

ManaKnight Cosplay

This is an oldie, but a goodie from the famous ManaKnight Cosplay! They always make a fantastic Sora, and their Halloweentown version is no exception!

Harum-Scarum Cosplay

Harum-Scarum Cosplay is rocking out the best makeup looks this season! Look at this rainbow work of art!

Lua Stardust

Blood with my prayers? Lua Stardust brings you bloody goodness with this gorey member of the clergy.


This Kiki cosplay is super cute! Who doesn’t want Ghibli wholesomeness for their Halloween season?

Panterona Cosplay

More Among Us cosplays and Panterona Cosplay is looking super awesome in electrical!


Need some eye-horror for you this season? Look no further than these artistic terrors


SAY THEIR NAME! The Beetlejuice classic with a formal twist.


This is such an elegant Twi’lek cosplay! I love the macabre/vintage fashion vibe I get from it!


Okay, what Halloween season is complete without a GIANT FUCKING SKULL as a prop? 


This Velma cosplay is super cute and perfect for the chilly October month!

Thanks for joining our Halloween cosplay round-up! Unpleasant Dreams!

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  • Oona Sura is a cosplay enthusiast with an appreciation for Framboise Lambic, Haruki Murakami, and cats. Catch her at the next anime convention on the East Coast!

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