Holiday Shopping Guide for The Magical Girl Loving Fans in Your Life

The holidays are coming up and you may find yourself at a loss on what to get your favorite baddie who fights evil by moonlight. What about your kid sister who may be moonlighting as a pink-haired prince? Your fave co-worker who warns you about contracts constantly, especially those brought by cute sidekicks? Your fave person in the discord who always reminds you to protect your neck, HEAD?

Or maybe you just want to send a “cheer up bish, things will get better (hopefully?)” gift to your favorite magical non-binary person? Hell, maybe you are tired AF from this year and just want to buy yourself something by means of self-care? ✨✨TREAT YOURSELF ? ? *Cue the shojo sparkles and cherry blossom petals* Here’s a handy little holiday shopping guide that may offer up some recommendations!

1.) Shojo Sparkle Lilac Handmade 7pc Dice Set

Okay before I get sent to the NegaVerse goons–there’s only one of these available. There’s a similar set by the creator as well. You could probably try and see if the vendor will make you a custom set if all fails. This handmade full dice set is “filled with holographic glitter, sparkle shaped glitter and cherry blossom shaped glitter!” These have a very cute magical girl vibe and are super cute to make some rolls with!

2.) Sailor Moon Face Mask

I LOVE fan art and merch with Black and brown versions of the Sailor Senshi! It’s what I always craved as a kid–sailor scouts with afro puffs, braids, and skin like mine. Found this cute face mask (there is also a matching enamel pin, t-shirt, and a little bag for all your world-saving supplies snacks also!) This face mask features two layers of cloth, elastic ear loops, and is one size fits all! Check it out here!

3.) Patches: Too Shoujo to Live/Too Shounen to Die

Truthfully, I’m more partial to enamel pin and lapel pins–but these patches make me want to go thrifting for a cool jean jacket and make it happen. But if you’re about that Anime protagonist kawaii punk lifestyle, these patches are for you! The shoujo is in pink foil and the shounen is in lavender foil. The patches themselves can be sewed on or fabric glueable, and are machine-washable, thankfully! Check it out here!

4.) Magical Being Unisex Raglan T-Shirts

Off theeee strength of everything that Adorned by Chi stands for, this company of all things cute was going to get a spot on this list! While there is a plethora of t-shirts, hoodies, even a magical girl comic to choose from, these shirts caught my eye for this list! Magical Girls and Magical Beings BEHOLD, you’re magical in every sense! Join the team with these screen-printed shirts with Contrast Raglan Sleeves that you’ll need as the weather gets colder. Check out the ‘Magical Girl’ shirt here and the ‘Magical Being’ shirt here.

5.) Dolly Parton Shojo T-Shirt

Dolly Parton may not be a Patron Saint, but she is well loved enough to be! Here, she’s rendered artistically for fans of old-school country and 70s manga fans alike! Big hair, sparkly eyes and flowers adorned her in this adorable design! While the shirt only comes in Men’s Shirts sizes, for now, I love this pastel design. Check it out here!

6.) Girl with Molotov Cocktail Sticker

OH. I LOVE THIS. Flowers and Fire! Perfect for these times! This Large sticker features a “Shoujo Revolution girl in molotov throwing action”. Calling to mind, the style of shoujo of old, this sticker is printed on satin-smooth matte mirror vinyl. Slap one of these on your laptop or your container of art supplies! The listing mentions that the colors even glow when caught by the light! The design is also sold on a t-shirt, long-sleeved shirt, and more! Check it out here!

7. Customized Sailor Moon Starbucks Tumblr Cup

I’m not much of a Starbucks or coffee drinking girl. Not shaming you if you are, but I imagine if I was, I’d like one of these personalized, customized Sailor Moon tumblr cups. With a capacity of 24 Fluid ounces, you can have your favorite iced coffee along with your name. You’re able to choose from four different font options and even choose a color like Rose Gold or Holographic Silver! Even if you aren’t frequently your favorite coffee shops because of ‘Rona, you can chill at home and put whatever cold beverage in this to go! Check it out here!

8.) Magical Girl Lover Face Mask

Look…we’re going to be wearing face masks FOREVER, *laughs hysterically in American* so you might as well be cute, right? This face features a bunch of magical girl devices against a pink background! Sailor Moon fans will rejoice as the face mask itself is machine washable and is pleated with dual-layer construction for a snug fit. With adjustable Nylon-spandex ear loops, it appears to be made for comfort and is so cute, I want three of them. The best news? A portion of all proceeds will be donated to help the COVID-19 recovery effort, according to the website. Check it out here!

9.) Puella Magi Madoka Magica Prayer Candles

In the style of popular celebrity prayer candles this collection features Kyubey, Madoka, Homura, Sayaka, Mami, and Kyoko from Madoka Magika. Oh, what’s that? Don’t mind me! I’m just remembering the trauma THIS SERIES CAUSED MEEEEE! Each candle features one character against a gorgeous backdrop with a quote at the bottom. Buy your fave or buy them together as a set! If you’re more inclined to light a candle for your fallen magical girl rather than pour one out, be sure to check them out here!

10.) Ohtori Girl Gang Button Pins

Utena brings me back to my high school days when I was devouring the manga with my girls and we wore buttons everywhere–lucky us, we don’t have mandated school uniforms! Whether you’re looking to start a world revolution is your jam or not, these buttons are color coordinated and stylish. They are 1.25″ across, glossy finish with metal pin backing so that means they are perfect on your favorite tote bag or your prized girl gang jean jacket! I’m partial to the “Prince Killer” pin but you can choose the pins or buy them as a set! Check them out here!

Was there anything on this list that caught your eye, fellow magical girl loving friend? Should I make a part two? Let me know in the comments!

Fancy Disclaimer: I have not received any of these items in consideration of making this shopping guide. I’m getting ready to finish watching Madoka and thought I’d put together something fun for my fellow magical girl fans because I’m just here re-traumatizing myself! Cheers! Shoutout to small business owners! Be sure to support them this Holiday season if you’re keen to spend some coin!

Cover Image Photo Credit: Nick Fewings

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