writer: Al Ewing / artist: Luke Ross / Marvel Comics

Yo! Shit is hot up in the 212 right now. Moncia Rambeau is back on her “No Chill Zone” mood and going straight up against the Beyond Corporation. We’ve been witnessing that she has been playing on God Mode with her super powers for a couple issues now, but the extent gets pushed to a different level as she faces against a Beyonder. Let’s keep it 9,000… Monica Rambeau went the Goku route this issue and we got to see a natural-haired Super Saiyan in action.


We also see Sam Wilson outgunned against his teammates that have been turned into monsters and how his ingenuity gets him out of the situation. Al Ewing got this first arc of the volume closing out with a bang, man. It’s a great contrast seeing how powerful Monica is and her using that power against Sam Wilson having to rely on his shield and wits against powerful teammates that have been turned into enemy monsters for the time being (with their powers still intact). Ewing is a great master of keeping the issue suspenseful, as well as dropping in that humor unexpectedly (we see you, Peter Parker).

Luke Ross got the smooth action going on with the pencils as well. My favorite part of the book were the flashback sequences delving into the characters’ pasts that were brought up, as well as seeing the Brashears working together as a family unit. Ross can draw his ass off man, and he smooth as fuck with the talent. I mean look how crisp he got Sam Wilson looking:


Come on man, the visuals be a hell of a bonus on this book when reading. There’s a shitload of revelations and turns in this issue as well that you are going to have to read in order to find out about, a lot I didn’t see coming myself. Captain America & The Mighty Avengers needs to be in your shelves, laptop, and collections, people. I can’t stress this enough.


  • Omar Holmon is a content editor that is here to make .gifs, obscure references, and find the correlation between everything Black and Nerdy.

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