Spider-Man and The X-Men #5 Review

Writer:Elliot Kalan / Artist: Marco Failla / Marvel

Kalan is hilarious behind the pen. If that isn’t understood yet in all my reviews that I have failed horribly. This dude is nailing Peter Parker down with the fucking quickness. My only complaint character wise (as it has remained) is the depictions of how hard certain members of the X-Men (Rachel Summers) are going at Spider-Man with distrust. Parker wit was on fucking fleek this issue, Kalan had him whipping quips like he was doing target practice with a six shooter.


We got Parker, Beast and his students having to deal with the Brood / Symbiote situation from last issue which then gets taken up to the S.W.O.R.D. Space station. We see Beast and Parker come to a respect of one another via the weirdness between how out there both their sets of villains are when compared to one another. Another great thing about Kalan is how each issue he has one of Spidey’s students step into the spotlight and really shine. We see that Parker’s teachings have been having a positive effect on the students in his class. Underneath all the weird adventures and trying to find the mole, these students are actually taking a liking to Parker and wanting to change. Wolverine truly did make the right choice in having Peter step in to teach.

Failla offers great art work yet again. You gotta feel for this guy cause he is drawing some of the strangest X-men characters (as well as obscure) each issue but the detail is always impeccable and my man ain’t slacking off at all. Oh and as far as the whole “mole” we’ve been waiting on? That reveals happens way, way, outta’ left field. The mole gets revealed and a major player steps up to the plate to make Parker’s life a hell of a lot more tedious.


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  • Shaka Jamal (@FaceOfYo)

    Another book I’m picking up based on the great reviews @ BNP. Thanks for the awesome.

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