‘Captain Carter #1’ Review

Good Fun with the OG Leading Lady
Captain Carter

Writer: Jamie McKelvie / Artist: Marika Cresta / Marvel Comics

It’s pretty undeniable at this point that Peggy Carter is a national treasure among the trove we’ve discovered in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Her limited series was pretty entertaining and her appearance in the first season of What If… solidified her place in the latest phase of Marvel’s phase of streamables. But who’s going to say no to some good old fashioned comic book action with the OG leading lady.

Captain Carter #1 has a healthy dose of action, but the primary focus is on Peggy adjusting to life in modern day England after being discovered in the ice. However, life as an everyday citizen isn’t so easy when you’re a national legend. This is a dream come true for anyone who was a fan of the Spider Gwen series. The script doesn’t make a big deal out of the fact that this is clearly an alternative reality or a multiversal possibility. It’s just a good story with a little action on the side, focusing mostly on studying this character. And even though everyone seems immensely excited about the multiverse, it’s a daring move to downplay this aspect and just tell a good story…which it is thus far. Marika Cresta’s gorgeous art and lively color palette really jumps off the page and assaults the senses. There’s a scene where an action beat turns right into a beautiful (though slightly predictable), iconic post that deserves to be an overpriced action figure.

Bottom Line: A good start to a fun, well-paced comic starring a charming, deserving lead with old fashioned comic ass-kickery. Worth the coin.

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