Writer: Kelly Thompson / Artists: Annapaola Martello, Tamra Bonvillain, Clayton Cowles / Marvel

Remember in my last review when I advised you to skip this one and wait till #8 to read more Captain Marvel? I was totally right and you should take my advice. Skip this cross over. Enjoy War of the Realms elsewhere. Come back when Thompson is reunited with Carmen Carnero and we can get back our regularly scheduled adventure. This…it just makes me sad.

Strange Trip, Part 2

As you’ll recall, Carol and Stephen Strange have been body-switched by The Enchantress in her attempt to keep hold of her kingdom of the dead in South America. Black Widow is there for…reasons. No seriously, other than some comic relief and a few headshots on zombies, I’m not sure what purpose Natasha serves in the comic. She doesn’t plot or plan anything, assassinate anyone. Maybe she’s the only one that knows the number to Shield HQ? I don’t get it.

Together, the threesome cross the jungles. Most of the issue is actually taken up with Carol and Stephen sitting around a campfire, talking about how weird and yet genius the whole body swap thing was. They come to the obvious conclusion that each is very powerful and utterly irreplaceable. They refuse to eat crocodile. I don’t know y’all, it really is that pointless. Here’s the best series of panels in the book. Not the foreground. The background. Black Widow vs. the Crocodile.

Captain Marvel #7 Review

After a hand wave, they arrive in Rio. Stephen, in Captain Marvel’s body, goes Binary. Carol, in Doctor Strange’s body, causes a mutiny of the dead, defeating the Enchantress. Boom. Done. They all go their separate ways and swear to never do that again.


4 out of 10

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