Writer: Nnedi Okorafor // Artists: Rachael Stott & Carlos Lopez // Marvel

A Hacker’s Backup Plan

You know when you think somebody sketchy so you pull something slick just in case it turns out they ain’t sh*t? Yeah. Shuri is on a mission to help (?) a friendly hacker who has proven to be some trouble. When some trouble arises, secrets are unleashed. What I love about this comic series is the fact that the characters remain consistent without becoming too predictable. This arc highlighted what it means to trust in your abilities, yet also accept help from other people. Reeling from brainwashing, annoying pop lyrics and a powerful reveal; the Shuri series continues to take readers on unbelievable trips.

The Arc of Metamorphosis

Shuri #9 takes us into a battle of trust versus ability. What are we strong against and what does that reveal about our weaknesses? Shuri’s independence caused her to reject the mysticism of her heritage and steered away from the Black Panther mantle at first. Now she calls upon the ancestors for their help fairly often, has teamed up with Miles Morales and Ms. Marvel, and has made the Black Panther mantle her own.

Shuri #9 Review

Shuri #9 takes this growth and applies it to a higher standard. It makes readers question what and whom do we trust? How much should we steer away from our defensive quips in order to put trust in other people? In what ways have our belief systems changed? How do we judge other people’s ideologies on livelihood and survival? This issue was able to lightly touch an array of topics that did not minimize entertainment or visuals.

A step up from the last installment, this issue is filled with more jarring colors and movement. I enjoyed their moments of flight and trip-ups. It pushed the urgency of the narrative, and kept the story moving in a cinematic way. What I hope to see in more Shuri comics is the evidence of this transformation. Now that she has achieved this growth, in what ways will she continue to raise her capabilities? How else can she provide for her people? What other comfort zones does Shuri have that we have yet to unlock? I can’t wait to admire what the Shuri Unlimited team has in store for our ever-growing powerhouse.

9.4 Ancestral Wings out of 10

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