Cardi B’s Money Video Was Born to Flex

Cardi B just flexed and I think the whole world flinched

Bish is bad AF! Look I am a Bronx transplant. Been here for over 10 years now, I rep that ish – those who know me know this. Cardi is BRONX through and through and her flex is something I will always stand behind cuz she only flexes in the X. This video is a masterpiece, I’m talking cinematography, choreography, costume. Every beat hit hard and delicate at the same time. This was a show of money, power, and respect if I ever seen one.

Let me get it straight when this song came out I was not the biggest fan, that’s the truth. For me, Cardi can do no wrong, and I say that meaning she does a lot wrong and she gives less than any fux so – hey she is doing her and that is ALLLL right. When the song dropped, I was like ok, dirty beat as always, flow is nice, we talkin’ bout money of course, but I was not blasting that in my car like Bodak Yellow. Mind you, it grew on me fast, the amount of videos people posted just killing choreography, I was like okrrr. She Bad. I assumed there was already a music video – NAW yesterday this dropped, my jaw hit the floor and I matrix-style learned how to twerk.

Cardi B a Golden Goose shi$$ing Golden bricks on us from on high.

This girl didn’t just only flex herself, she rolled out deep with women just posted in power poses in every which way, shape, and form. She said free the nipple, girls in their full beauty, boss bish garb and attitude. AND a video with little to no men, passing the Bechdel test in oh so many ways. This is the kind of video that makes me feel like Laura Dern in Jurassic Park.

Then I did the thing we all need to do – I got critical and looked for the bad moments. Some people are pulling out all the references to other women rappers and the odes that they feel may be copying rather than odes – naw naw naw, she knows who came before her and I believe and best believe it was intentional. Cardi is BX all day and disrespect is something we do not do. Remember how I said this was a show of Money, Power, Respect? Cardi of course went to the gram to make sure ya’ll heard.


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Walking pass the mirror whew! Damn she fine!

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I know someone out there is looking to find what is wrong with it and will make things wrong with it, but I couldn’t. Even her not so dope line ” I will black on your ass….Wakanda forever” didn’t bother me as it should – I was like alright shout out to Black Panther why not, I shout that out whenever, wherever for… WHATEVER. She even says she loves dark men, shout out to my black brothers. This video was like a…”Hey, I been working out. Look at my steez”. And If someone comes out saying nonsense about sex symbols and women and respectability politics I am going to make a reenactment of this video just to join the I can be sexy however I effing like movement.

Cardi B Money

“You shake it real fast, you get a little more”

This video gave me the vapors I do declare. As someone who identifies as a woman, being sexy is something I revere, something I hold so dear and the naked body is one of my most beautiful prized possessions and mastering my body’s ability is a journey I strive on. Cardi has achieved those things and more in her life thus far. This video said “it’s my time let me show you who I am” and I never seen her more clearly than I do now. She not only depicted what her life has shown her but juxtaposed that with her future financial goals and her dedication as a mommy. A soft strong vulnerability making me duck the shots of pride fired. Her sitting at the piano bare then looking at you like WHAT! I was like, girl, I recognize. Don’t worry.

Cardi B Money
Cardi b Money


I can’t bring all this up without bringing up the visionary behind this and many of Cardi’s looks and imagery. Director Jora Frantzis is killing it!!! Jora’s eye for greatness is something to marvel at in this. The ability of a director to use their style wholeheartedly to embody, embolden, and emphasize an artist’s brand, ability, and swag is ultimate goals – and also a match made in heaven. Frantzis is also responsible for Cardi’s “Invasion of Privacy” album looks, her “Careful” images and Cardi’s pregnancy photo shoot. They were all just *mwah* *mwah* magnifique! She has been able to elevate Cardi’s style to new heights like stuntin’ on a pole strength.

That is another thing! Pole is so hard and we begin the video like this!!

Cardi B Money

Not only do we see a talented woman doing moves that I can’t fathom even trying, but we get multiple women showing this feat AND Cardi herself flossing the skills. I am in awe of our multitude of powers and abilities as women. Who woulda thunk Cardi’s music video would have me floored and contemplating our full potential? But I was, I am! This video is going to be hard to top for Cardi, but she has plenty of time to grow and evolve to places we cannot predict. For now, we can just bask in her golden glory. Yes Girrl! OKRRRRRR! AAAAAOOOOWWW.

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