How is everyone’s March so far? Learning a lot of new historical facts? Reading books by influential and powerful women? I hope so! I’m continuing to spotlight AMAZING women cosplayers who exhibit talent, skill, and pure joy in the community by doing what they love with their favorite characters in fiction. Please enjoy!

1. Allegriana

Who are they? Twi’lek/Rylothian from Star Wars.
Bodypainting is such a skill, I can barely wrap my head around it. It takes so much patience, and a good hand in order to create a smooth finishing product. Allegriana knocks it out of the park in this picture! She looks like she belongs in one of the SW films!

2. Spitfire Cosplay

Who are they? Arya Stark from Game of Thrones

BAD. ASS. Spitfire is just blowing my mind with this entire look. House Stark is definitely well represented for the month of March!

“My sister asked you a question.” • Photo by the always incredible, friend of the North @duffinjim ? • I am shook and overwhelmed (not unlike Baelish in that last scene of season 7 ayyyy) by the incredible photos I am getting back from ECCC! I cannot express my gratitude enough to the photographers and to my friends for making it such a wonderful experience! If anyone is tired of seeing the pictures from last weekend, sucks for you there are so many more coming!! Muahahaha (*cue Arya’s smirk immediately before slicing some necks) ☺️ . #cosplay #cosplayer #cosplayers #cosplayersofinstagram #cosplaygirl #cosplaygirls #gameofthrones #gameofthronescosplay #housestark #sansastark #sansastarkcosplay #aryastark #aryastarkcosplay #starksisters #asongoficeandfire #gotcosplay #seamstress #sewing #progress #eccc #eccc2018 #emeraldcitycomicon #emeraldcitycomiccon

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3. Iris Honeydew

Who are they? Akasha from Queen of the Damned

Akasha is definitely one of my favorite villains (misunderstood?) and Iris Honeydew looks FANTASTIC as her. The jewelry framing her face along with her stellar makeup (THOSE EYEBROWSSSSS YESSS) created an ethereal, graceful look. The Queen certainly arrived at Katsucon this year in style.

4. Brandi/Beenerdish91

Who are they? Wicke from Pokemon Sun and Moon

Haven’t played Sun and Moon yet, but I know how popular Wicke is within the cosplay community. Brandi looks super adorable here, with her cute pink glasses and gorgeous costume. (Sidenote: Brandi also creates super fluffy-looking/sweet plushies, so be sure to check them out!)

5. Pink Bear Cosplay and Art

Who are they? Amilyn Holdo from Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Looks like we are beginning and ending with Star Wars cosplays this week! I haven’t seen a lot of Holdo cosplays, but my god does Pink Bear win ALL of the awards for this creation. The dress, the scarf, the wig, EVERYTHING looks perfect. Well done! This is a look the Vice Admiral would be proud of!

Excuse me for a minute while I drool over myself and my work…. ??? . Vice Admiral Amilyn Holdo Cosplay, @emeraldcitycomiccon 2018 . ?This was the first article of clothing I've ever made for myself!!!!? Not including super baggy costumes and clothing edits. Added some of my own stylistic touches to fit my body better. . Gown patterned from scratch and handmade by me @pinkbeardontcare . Please tag and credit if reposting! . Fabric: dark mauve knit jersey fabric from Etsy seller FelinusFabrics . Halo headpiece: 3D printed and painted by Etsy seller 3DFilaMint . Wig: Amazon, styled by me @pinkbeardontcare (I had to sew the halo and some of the curls in place using clear plastic thread!) . Bracelets: eBay seller Krsky . ?: @chozan_ig (my Yoshi) . #emeraldcitycomicon #emeraldcitycomicon2018 #eccc #eccc2018 #holdo #holdocosplay #amilynholdocosplay #viceadmiralholdo #starwars #starwarscosplay #thelastjedi #cosplay #lauradern @lauradern #iwishihadlauraderncheekbones

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